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The Baby Gizmo Annual Survey of Ridiculous Baby Products

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It’s time for my favorite post of the year: The Baby Gizmo Annual Survey of Ridiculous Baby Products!

You know how much we love baby gear and the more innovative and practical the better. In our search for the best baby gear on the planet, we’ve come across a few things that have made us go, “Huh?!?!” These might not be the most brilliant inventions, but they will certainly get a good laugh.

Zaky Pillow

The Zaky Pillow has made the list again, as it is undeniably one of the creepier baby products on the market. I cannot imagine how startling it would be to check on your sleeping baby only to discover a giant pair of disembodied muppet hands cradling him or her.

The Baby Bangs Hairband

This is, and I quote, “for the girl who has everything except hair.” If the baby girl you are shopping for truly has so much that you need to stoop as low as buying a wig for her, might I suggest making a charitable contribution in her name to a children’s organization instead? Just sayin’.

Thudguard Infant Safety Hat

Not even putting puppy ears on this contraption is going to make it cute. Nice try though. Also, way to capitalize on the natural fear and apprehension every parent feels when their baby becomes mobile. Note: There are specialized helmets made for children with actual medical conditions. This is marketed towards average children.

Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator

In case the picture doesn’t explain it for you, the parent is supposed to suck the snot from their baby’s nose via a small plastic tube. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

The Daddle- A Saddle for Dads

Without running the risk of being offensive, I’m just going to say this: The “Daddle” looks more like something that belongs in the closet and is only brought out once the children have gone to bed. Nuff said.

Baby High Heels

No infant’s wardrobe is complete until she has the perfect pair of heels. You can add these to her collection of baby Spanx, baby miniskirts, and baby push up bras. I just hope they come with a pair of baby orthotics too.

Potty Mitts

This is the perfect item for the future little germaphobe. Forget the customary post-potty hand washing. Potty mitts take sanitary bathroom habits to the next level.

Toddler Tracker

This handy tracking device removes the inconvenience of having to actually watch your children. Outings to the park just got a lot more fun- for you! Now, where did I put that People Magazine?

Pacifier Thermometer and Medicine Dispenser

Good luck getting your screaming infant to suck on this long enough to get an accurate temperature read. Oh, and you can forget about tricking them into sucking the medicine out of it too.

Baby Bubadoo Changing Wrap

Really? Is it that hard to change a diaper?

My Pee Pee Bottle

No, your eyes aren’t fooling you. It’s a bottle. For pee pee. Please don’t buy this. The risk of confusing it for a water filled bottle is too great.

The Baby Snuggie by Peekaru

Listen, all mothers make certain fashion sacrifices in the name of comfort. We have to draw the line somewhere. This is inexcusable.

The Babykeeper Basic

There are no words.

Baby Perfume

There’s a reason everyone talks about how good babies smell, and it isn’t because they are wearing perfume.

Breastfeeding Bra for Men

Nooooo! My eyes, my eyes! I’m all for hand-on dads, but this is taking things a little too far. Good thing it’s a joke. Gotcha!

Moms- what are some of the most ridiculous products that you’ve discovered?

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Hussain Ye

Monday 29th of December 2014

That baby sunggie is so cute - not sure how safe it is though!!!

Leslie G

Saturday 7th of July 2012

Oh my goodness I laughed so hard my poor little baby is wide awake. I think the wig thing is super duper scary.


Thursday 5th of July 2012

While living in Japan for the past 4 years I grew to really appreciate the effectiveness of products like the nose frida. They actually work very well and have barriers in place so that the removed mucus gets nowhere near your mouth. I would never bother with the useless bulb style again.


Wednesday 4th of July 2012

Personally I think The Peepee Teepee is pretty silly too. A wash cloth or wipe do the trick is needed.


Wednesday 4th of July 2012

Funny list! I have to confess that I actually have the Nosefrida. It actually works pretty well, better than the regular aspirator,. And no, you don't get the baby snot anywhere near your mouth.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.