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  1. Wow, I’m happy to say that we’ve done most of these things, and they definitely seem to have helped. My 3 year old dotes on her 1 month old sister and is always trying to help by bringing me her diaper or giving her the pacifier. And my family and friends have been great about including her. I don’t think I received a single gift for the baby that didn’t come with one for the big sister. It’s not something I ever thought about until I had two myself, but now I know!

  2. Perfect timing..I’m sitting at the hospital waiting on baby #2 while my 22 month old is at home with my sis-in-law. I’ve been preparing him with books and talking to him, but the tips for after his sister is here are very helpful! I hope he and I adjust well!

  3. This was really helpful! Thank you so much. We are due with daughter #2 any day now and I have been really worried about how Lilyan (18 months) was going to adjust. Once again great tips!

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