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  1. Mine just came out of the oven and they taste great! I used 3 eggs rather than two in the brownie mix… Made it a little less dense.

  2. My husband’s birthday is the 11th. I am really hoping these come out good!!!! This would be his ultimate dream “cake”… wish me luck!!!!

  3. The recipe says to use foil or wax paper- I think she meant parchment paper. You can use any chocolate chip cookie pouch mix if you want to quicken prep time, or other cookie type?? Cook time may need a little more- stick a tester in and adjust time accordingly, no worries! I would eat these raw or cooked 🙂

  4. Please fix your site. I kept getting “Order Baby Gizmo Delivered” pop-up! SO ANNOYING! I couldn’t read the recipe.

  5. 1st time i made these the cookies finished before the brownie mix
    this caused the cookies to be too hard and the brownie mix too soft
    i fixed this by placing the pan with the mix on the top shelf of the oven
    then i placed a cookie sheet on the bottom rack beneath the pan with the mix in it
    problem solved

  6. I make these all the time but the bad thing is I am diabetic so I rarely get to enjoy these lol.. every now and then I do it but don’t try to.. to often due to being on insulin and more carbs means more insulin… but out of curiosity I know that I don’t want to know this but really need to know this…. How many carbohydrates would you say would be in just a Regular size brownie Square??? If you ever get an estimated number please let me know thanks so much!!!!

  7. I put mine in for an hour and the brownie still isn’t cooked all the way. They are in a 9 x 9 pan. Once they cool will they be okay? I am hoping the cookie isn’t burned.

  8. I’m making these now and they have now been in the oven for an hour and 10 minutes and are still raw. I dont get it. I’m super excited to make these I just hope they come out right.

  9. omggggg……i write a fitness blog and i MUST MAKE THESE and forget about health for a day because these look out of control amazing.

  10. I just made a batch of these for a Chanukah party using Giradelli’s chocolate caramel brownies for the brownie part…. holy crap these are AMAZING! Definitely glad I have 20 other people to share them with because I could Jabba out on that whole pan in a heart beat. My child sobbed the entire time they were cooling because he could smell them! =P

  11. You said that if you make the toll house cookie dough from scratch to use a little less flour. Any idea how much less? Are we talking a tablespoon less, a cup less?

  12. Hi Hollie! I made this for the very first time, I’m bringing it to a party tonight, I put chocolate frosting on the surface, because it created bubbles and presentation is extremely important for me. Is it supposed to be eaten warm? Or can be eaten cold?

    1. Hi Mary! Normally it is served at room temperature but can definitely be served warm with vanilla ice cream on the side. 🙂

  13. Found this recipe on Pinterest and tried it today. I used the big pan and the WHOLE batch of toll house dough. I layered the Oreos so every inch of cookie dough was covered with Oreo goodness. THEN, I used the Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownie SUPREME mix with the chocolate syrup pouch included. MOUTHGASM! I have to send these to work with my hubbie tomorrow or I will eat them all. I don’t want to end up in my fat jeans.

  14. This recipe sounds delicious. I imagine you could probably use different Oreo varieties to slightly change the taste, but keep the same great combination of cookie flavors. Thanks for posting the recipe and the pictures

  15. These are absolutely delicious! I discovered this recipe last summer from a friend who calls them “Slutty Brownies” because they are SINFUL and EASY!

  16. I have a friend that makes these,she adds carmel on top of the oreos’s before shempours on the brownie batter.. Ihave been told they are womderful..

  17. I just made these! They were in for 40 minutes and the brownies are still liquid. I put them in for another 10 minutes and they are STILL liquid. I still have them in the oven and they aren’t cooked yet! It’s so sad! I’m hoping that they turn out alright 🙂

  18. wow! This looks incredible! I have saved this recipe and will be using it soon, can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing!

  19. @Michele, Genius! The only hard part was getting the cookie dough to spread in the bottom of the pan (regular recipe), so I bet the muffin tin is super easy. Single serving size! Mine are cooking right now in a 9×9 pan.

  20. So are the cookies supposed to be hard when you eat this? I made it last night and everything was good, but the cookies were still hard. Thought maybe they would have softened up.

  21. My daughter wanted this for her birthday last week – it worked for me ! no problems, did leave it in about 50 minutes…..cookies were fine, brownies were cooked – cut SMALL pieces….we were all in a food coma after 🙂

  22. This did not work for me, and I didn’t even use all the brownie mix. The cookies are burning and the brownies are still too gooey/undercooked. Fail. :/

    1. How long did you cook it? Maybe the oven temp was too high? It can be tricky to cook it long enough so the brownies are done but the cookies are burned.

  23. I’ve got this in the oven now, a great idea for an easy and quick to prepare dessert or treat. I love the cupcake idea as well! However, as it’s a weeknight, I used a Betty Crocker brownie mix instead of making my usual brownies and the consistency was really thick, making it very hard to evenly distribute the brownie cover without dislodging all the oreos and ensuring even coverage. Looking forward to this and I think little miss is going to LOVE them. Thanks for the recipe!

  24. so… i have tried these twice now. i live at altitude (5280ft) and the first time the brownie was still liquidy and the second the brownie was more cooked but the cookie wasn’ done… i tweeked the brownie mix for altitude the 2nd time…. just seeing if anyone had suggestions. now that it’s failed twice i REALLY want it to work… thanks!! 😛

  25. I have made these before and they were way too sweet for me, I think I ate one maybe two little pieces. My sister brought the rest to her coworkers and they loved them.

  26. On the toll house recipe if u sub crisco for butter the cookies are twice as amazing!! My mom and i have done it for yrs!! She isnt allowes to attend family functions without them!! Haha

  27. I made these in muffin tins and they cooked in half the time…I’m sending them with my son on his bus trip to share. I used the oreo to press down the chocolate chip cookie dough. Make them in a cupcake liner and there is very little clean up! Enjoy.

  28. I make these all the time. I use Betty Crocker cookie mix in bag. Use a 9×13 pan. I use fingers to spread chic chip cookie dough on bottom. Works great. Cook 375 for 50 minutes. Let cool completely. They will be a bit gooey. Maybe cook hour.

  29. I made this today and like Maria…very undercooked. They looked cooked when I took them out…but raw inside..just put them back in..

  30. i just made these yesterday…while they were very good. It was undercooked. I have new ovens and i had to put these in for 1 hour. and there are still parts of the brownie that is undercooked. and i bought the same ingredients as you. very disappointed.

  31. I think I gained 20 pounds reading this recipe. I need to make this one and the six chip peanut butter cookies, but I may only do 5 and leave out the butterscotch chips. I need to lose weight, not gain, but these sound so amazing!

  32. Oh my word, those look so good! I could be a professional pinterester, if there was such a thing. I’m also afraid that I am starting to base my self-worth on how many followers I have. It’s so validating! lol I’ll have to start following you.

  33. well that’s just dangerous. Don’t you know I have my son’s Bar Mitzvah in 3 weeks?! How can you show this to me? Looks awesome, lets see if I can hold out until after the PARTAY!

  34. OMG Hollie…we had a Pinterest party with my mom’s group & one mom made this (and left me a huge slab of a portion!)…sooo good… needless to say the hubby never got to try any by morning! HA!

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