Yes, You Can Donate Your Old Breast Pump

Are your breastfeeding days over?

Are you the owner of a breast pump?

Have you stopped pumping?

If so, that probably means you have an old breast pump tucked in the back of a closet somewhere in your home. It’s taking up space, but for so long it was so useful to you. So, you just leave it there. Collecting cobwebs and reminding you of that gentle “swoosh, whoosh” it made while filling bottles with your breast milk. Maybe you’re keeping your old breast pump for a someday baby down the road or perhaps you plan to pass it on to a friend. Maybe you’ve had a hard time breaking ties with that piece of equipment that was part of your daily life, the key to your baby’s sustenance.

Whatever your reason, I’m going to prod you today to pull your old pump out of that closet and send it on its way via the Medela Recycles program. The Medela Recycles program is free and complies with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s innovative Waste Wise program. So, what are you waiting for? Almost 12,000 pumps have been donated to date, help out Mother Earth and push that number even higher!

medela recycles

Review the details of the program here to make sure your specific pump complies with the program’s specifications. This program is for Medela electric pumps only and Medela covers the shipping! Then, fill out the information here and print your shipping label. I don’t think it could be much easier!

If you don’t have a pump to recycle feel free to help spread the world about this great program … it’s as easy as a simply retweet! You can do that here! And, if you have a pump, but it’s not a Medela one, take a quick minute to send your manufacturer an email and ask about their recycling process.

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