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10 Fun Arts And Crafts Projects For Toddlers

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If your children are anything like my son, they like glue, crayons, and crafting. My son loves crayons so much he has been known to use them to give our oven, floors, and doors a new makeover. Today I wanted to share a list of 10 fun arts and crafts projects for your toddlers. Arts and crafts are a great way to showcase your child’s creativity and I hope you will use some of my ideas!

1. Chalkboard Painting

All you need for this craft is a chalkboard, chalk, a paintbrush, and water. Put some chalk dust on the chalkboard. Give your child a paintbrush and a cup of water. Let them paint water strokes across the chalkboard so they can see their artwork right in front of them, mess free!

2. Instant Easel

The only supplies you need for this craft is a long sheet of butcher paper and some crayons. Tape the sheet(s) of butcher paper up on a wall of your house and let your little’s color all over it. They’ll have a blast coloring on the walls and instead of having to scrub your walls, all you have to do for clean up is take the paper down!

3. Easy Bubble Maker

You and your child can create bubbles by bounding together a number (5 or so) of drinking straws with a few pieces of tape. Dip one end of the bundle into a shallow dish of bubble solution and then blow through the straws! This will create scores of beautiful bubbles!

4. Finger Puppet Friends

This is probably the easiest and most affordable way to give your child a handful of different finger puppets. Take a rubber glove and cut the fingers off of them. Let your child draw faces on each of the fingers. Voila! Now your child has five new finger puppet friends.

5. Fun Finger Painting

Use yogurt as finger paint. Add a little food coloring to give your child different colors to work with.Let them go to town painting and eating in their high chair.

6. Discovery Bottle

Fill a clear plastic bottle you have on hand with sequins, buttons, ribbon, yarn, and any other shakable objects. After your objects are inside, fill the bottle with water, leaving about an inch of space at the top. Firmly secure the lid with hot glue and let it dry completely before giving it to your child.

7. Drawing Dough

This is a combo of paint and dough. It is fun to squeeze out into puffy designs and as it dries, the salt in the dough crystallizes, leaving behind a glittering gorgeous sight. You need- 2/3 cup each of water, flour, and salt, washable tempera paints, and squeeze bottles. In a mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, water, and salt. Divide the dough between two bowls and stir a few drops of the paint into each. Pour the dough into the bottles. You’re done! Let your little ones go to town!

8. No Sew Baby Rattle

All you need for this craft is a baby bootie, a bell, and ribbon. Put the bell inside the baby bootie and tie it closed with the ribbon! Now you have an easy, no need for sewing skills baby rattle!

9. Simple Hand And Foot Tracing

Gather together some colorful paper and crayons. Help your child trace their hands or feet on the paper. They can decorate and draw on them after. Bonus- It would be really neat to save these hand and foot tracings every time you did them so you could see how much your child has grown. Be sure to date them!

10. Fruit Loop Fun

Here are two craft ideas to do with Fruit Loop cereal. You could help your child make a Fruit Loop necklace by simply stringing the cereal pieces onto a piece of yarn and then tying the ends so it makes a necklace or bracelet. Another idea is to put the Fruit Loops into a food processor and making Fruit Loop sand. Use a glue stick to put the glue on construction paper and then pour the Fruit Loop sand on it to make beautiful collages.

Do you ever do arts and crafts projects with your children? What are some of your favorites? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.