10 Healthy And Delicious Vegan Recipes

10 Healthy And Delicious Vegan Recipes

Whoever said vegan food wasn’t tasty was seriously mistaken. All you need is the right recipes and proper execution of them, and you will have yourself a meal thats just as delicious as any other kind of recipe that’s got meat. Check out these healthy recipes so you can see just how versatile and scrumptious vegan food can be!

Photo Source: Epicurious

1. Chili From Epicurious. Nothing says comfort food like good ol’ homemade chili! Skip the ground beef and serve it up vegan style next time you cook a pot using this fabulous recipe.

fruit cake
Photo Source: Dula Notes

2. Breakfast Fruit Cake- Dula Notes This yummy fruity cake includes plums, apricots, and figs but if you’ve got other fruits in the house, you can use those instead! This is the perfect vegan breakfast to wake up to or the perfect dessert to have a slice of before you go to bed.

Photo Source: Whipped

3. Cupcakes From Whipped. Sometimes vegan desserts get a bad rep because they taste gross. But these very vanilla vegan cupcakes are just as good as their non-vegan cousins!

Photo Source: Bon Appetite

4. Tacos- Bon Appetite. Who doesn’t love tacos? Especially the real, authentic street cart style tacos! Substitute the meat for soy meat using this recipe.

Photo Source: Love And Lemons

5. Pumpkin Pie From Love And Lemon. These adorable mini pumpkin pies are perfect all year round. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it so bookmark this page so you’ll have a vegan friendly dessert option available at your dinner! Scrumptious!

tofu sandwich
Photo Source: The Kitchn


6. Curried Tofu Salad Sandwich From The Kitchn.  Vegan doesn’t mean boring. Look how creative this sandwich is and it doesn’t require any animal products! Using crumbled tofu to resemble the texture of egg, curry powder is added in for a nice spice kick!

Photo Source: Keepin It Kind

7. Pizza From Keepin It Kind. This vegan tofu scramble pizza looks amazing. Full of healthy vegetables and greens, this is one your kids will love too!

Photo Source: Chow

8. Burgers From Chow. No matter if you’re vegetarian, vegan, or eat all the meat in the world, chances are you probably love a good burger. I couldn’t leave one off this list! This vegan burger from Chow is a black eyed pea version. It’s got a little bit of a spicy kick to it, can be piled high with veggies and condiments, and is served up on a vegan roll.

Photo Source: Tree Hugger

9. White Bean Soup From Tree Hugger. A delicious hot bowl of soup containing celery, carrots, tomatoes and more!

Photo Source: The First Mess
Photo Source: The First Mess

10. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito Bowls from The First Mess. These burrito bowls looks simply incredible. Packed full of vitamins and nutrients, this one is sure to keep your family full and happy!


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