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10 Quick Mom Hacks That Everyone Should Know About

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mom hacks

This morning I was a guest on WBTV Charlotte (CBS) for a segment on “mom hacks”. I featured 10 great mom hacks with TV anchor Kristen Miranda that everyone should know about.

You can see the entire segment here:

Below are the tips featured in this morning’s segment.

Add a Trash Can to your Vehicle

Ever had your child hand you an apple core in the car? Or that chewed up piece of gum? Use a cereal container with a trash bag liner to contain trash in your vehicle.

Mom Hack Trash

Keeping Track of Medicine

Keep track of your child’s medicine dosage to make sure you are on track by simply drawing a quick graph on the back with a Sharpie. Then tape the Sharpie to the side of the bottle to remind yourself to mark each dose given.

Mom Hack Medicine Dose

Cupcake Liner for Dripless Popsicles

Place a cupcake liner under the popsicle and through the popsicle stick to catch all the drips.

Mom Hack Popsicles

Photo Credit: Life Hacks

Keepin’ the Bugs Out

Simply place a cupcake liner upside down over a glass or cup and poke a straw through to keep bees and bugs out of your drinks.

Mom Hack

Which Shoe on Which Foot?

Help your toddler figure out which shoe goes on which foot by cutting a sticker in half and placing it in the sole of the shoes. When the shoe are put together correctly, the sticker will line up.

Mom Hacks Toddler Shoes

Layer Crib Bedding

To save time in the middle of the night after a potty accident in the crib, put two sets of sheets and mattress protectors on the crib mattress. Layer like this: mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet. When the diaper leaks and the bed is wet, all you have to do is strip the top sheet and mattress protector to reveal the second layer underneath without having to completely re-make the bed.

Mom hack Crib mattress

Use Clothespins to Hang Toddler Pants & Shorts

Instead of buying separate pants hangers, use clothespins to hang pants and shorts on regular baby hangers.

Mom Hack Clothes

Keep the Playing Cards Together

Use a travel soap container to keep the kids from losing playing cards.

Mom Hack Playing Cards

Shoe Organizer = Vehicle Organizer

Use a small, hanging shoe organizer to keep the kids things organized in the car.

Mom Hack

Freshen Up the Rooms

Freshen up the smell of your rooms by snapping a Febreeze Car Deodorant Clip to your floor vents in your house.

Mom Hack Teen Room

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