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10 Reasons To Wear Your Older Child

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Do you wear your older child? Babywearing is becoming more and more mainstream. Almost every day I see newborns wrapped in stretchy wraps, early crawlers snuggled in ring slings and happy one year olds piggybacking around in soft structured carriers. It’s so awesome to see parents and caregivers taking advantage of all the benefits of babywearing! And this week at Baby Gizmo we’re celebrating all sorts of babywearing thanks to International Babywearing Week.

Today, a special nod goes to parents who are wearing their older children; the heavy ones, the ones who can walk, but still need to be carried on occasion.

Once our kiddos can walk, hold hands and listen to directions some think they’re old enough to boot the babywearing gear of their “baby” days, right? Nope! I say, keep on wearing! Or even better, start wearing if you didn’t when your child was younger. There is no reason to give up something you love and something that can truly benefit your two, three or four year old, sometimes beyond!

10 Reasons To Wear Your Older Child

Don’t be shy, do what works best for you and your child. While you’re at it, keep these awesome reasons in mind while wearing your older child. They’re decent comeback lines when or if someone questions your commitment to wear your older child.

You want to carry them.

Pretty much, you’re the boss applesauce! If you like carrying your kids, for whatever reason, go for it!

They want to be carried.

Of course, kids get a say when they’re older too and some just adore being carried. It makes them feel loved and close and special. And that’s totally worth it if you ask me.

Babywearing gives your child a better view of the world.

It’s true! So much of the world happens at adult eye level and kids love being a part of it.

Babywearing brings you together for better conversation and therefore, learning.

When I don’t have to stoop down to hear questions and observations I’m better able to interact with my kids. It helps us to carry on conversations and learn more about the world together.

Babywearing is a supportive version of a piggyback.

Have you ever tried to give a piggyback for more than 10 minutes? Not super comfortable or convenient. But, with a supportive carrier like a toddler or preschool size you can easier tote around an older child for much longer.

Babywearing keeps a “runner” safe.

This is my #1 reason for wearing my 3 year old. I have peace of mind when I wear him. I know exactly where he is and that he is safe.

Closeness creates calmness.

When my son is acting a bit wild and needs to simmer down, we benefit from wrapping up tight, taking some deep breathes and gathering some calm in our hearts.

Babywearing grounds a sensitive child.

Whether it be loud noises or general busyness, the bigness of the world can be overwhelming to kids. Hopping in a carrier and finding peace with a parent is often the fix a sensitive child needs when coping with bothersome stimulation.

There are lots of safe carrier options for older/bigger kids.

As it becomes more and more popular to wear older kids, the brands are listening and creating models with wider bases, more shoulder padding and higher panels. My personal favorite is the Toddler Tula and I’ve heard wonderful things about the Toddler Lillebaby and Preschool Kinderpack.

Everyone loves to snuggle.

Let’s face it, kids love snuggling and often, it fills our love buckets to have our kids close too. So no matter the age, babywearing can be beneficial to all involved.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.