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  1. Check on YouTube the song ‘dear 2045′ it shows all the bad things that are happening to the earth
    I personally love the nature and animals ❤️ ? and killing the earth is my nightmare so I love this list also u can show your child to do projects and show them what would happen if a plastic bottle or paper or etc got thrown and why it’s dangerous for the environment

  2. Thank you this is very useful information and it is a good way to help. I think all perants should know this information to help the Earth last longer. I will definitely aplie this to my life. I now know about earth day so I celebrate it and make it a bigger event.

  3. i will start to teach this to my new born are very important thing to help them rise and grow up as a planet saver thank u

  4. Don’t waste water i think is the best thing a kid or like kids can help save the planet.. most kids think that water is free,,, and yes thats right but not all kids have access to clean water, just like in India and Africa, kids there needs clean water….

    also kids play at water, but dont know that every drop of water uses electricity so i think kids needs to know this,, parents should educate their kids.. like let them know the great connection of the things we use daily to Earth and saving life on Earth…

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