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  1. I am a resource parent, and I love new babies. Just because I didn’t give birth to my children people throw all the rules out the window. I may not be recovering from the birth, but I am still up at all hours of the night, and have to keep up with my usual school routine. It is exhausting and it would be nice if people kept this in mind for resource and adoptive families too.

  2. Hi, Good article. I just wanted to point out one error. It is “err” not “air” in the sentence “Air on the side of no writing/characters…”

  3. Honestly, the only people we had over were my husbands aunt and uncle on baby’s 3rd day. My parents live with us, so we had tons of help in house, and did a lot of cooking and freezing of meals before baby was born so it would be easy on us. We pretty much asked for no visitors for the first 2 weeks. We did have his brother and some good friends visit in the hospital, but once she came home we really wanted dedicated time so we just shut off all phones and stayed off line.

    A few members of our church ignored our request and brought healthy snacks or light meals (July in Texas!) but they were left on the porch, as they thankfully obeyed the sign on the door that said to not ring the bell or knock because we were bonding with a new baby.

  4. Thank you for this post! In our job as nurses, we visit new moms one or two days after they are home from the hospital. The #1 complaint we hear is that they get too much company! These suggestions are a great reminder of how to support a new family.

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