12 Holiday Crafts for Kids

December is full of holidays—and that means it’s also full of days off school. And possibly large gatherings including many small children. Keep the little ones at your place entertained with these fun holiday crafts!

First Day of Winter

holiday crafts
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Snow Globe: There’s something about painting with Q-tips that is so much more fun than painting with regular old brushes! And it makes for easy clean-up, too.



holiday crafts
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Polar Bear Mask: I love the three-dimensional noses on these adorable polar bears! Once the kids have assembled the masks, they can while away the winter weather incorporating polar bears into their dress-up play.



holiday crafts
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Cotton Swab Snowflakes: My favorite thing about this craft is that in incorporates reusable adhesive so that the snowflakes can be stuck to a window—how pretty! If you wanted to make something more permanent, I bet air-dry clay like Crayola Model Magic would work, too.




holiday crafts
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Felt Christmas Tree: I made a life-size felt tree for my daughter when she was a toddler. You could do the same, encouraging kids to make ornaments to put on the tree. Or you could shrink the whole thing down, putting a felt tree on a piece of construction paper and letting each child make small ornaments for their own personal tree.



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I-Spy Ornament: I was trying to find a fun ornament craft and when I came across this one, I knew I had a winner! My kid loves the interactive ornaments on the tree; oh, how we regret impulsively grabbing the singing Elsa ornament when it went on clearance at Hallmark last year. This I-Spy ornament is interactive and quiet



holiday crafts
Photo credit: Kiwi Crate

Crafty Christmas Elf: This little beaded elf is so cute! If you have younger kids who might struggle with cutting out and/or gluing the small felt pieces, you can make those items in advance. I highly recommend you let everyone draw their own faces, though—that’ll be so awesome to look at in years to come!




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Star of David: Have kids paint (or use markers to color) popsicle sticks and assemble them into Stars of David. Then they can decorate their starts with whatever fun art supplies you provide. If you’re doing this just with your own kids, have them make a bunch that you can string onto a garland for decoration!



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Tape Menorah: Oh my goodness, this is the world’s perfect craft; it’s hard to think of something my kid loves more than tape. And while blue and white are traditional Hanukkah colors, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little more creative in your color selections. To use this over the eight nights of Hanukkah, have your child make the menorah on the first night and add a flame to a new candle each night.



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Hardware Store Menorah: You can never have too many menorahs, right? Good because here’s another really fun menorah idea—and the possibilities for decorating this one are endless!






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Adinkra Painting: This craft is based on a fabric traditionally printed with a black dye made from tree bark and worn in West Africa. If you have older kids, you can try this with actual dye and fabric (I’d suggest using foam for the printing instead of a potato.)




Kufi: The kufi is a hat traditional worn by men in West Africa. In the United States, it’s worn during celebrations, including Kwanzaa. Your children can easily make their own colorful kufi using craft foam.



holiday crafts
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Mkeka: The Kwanzaa symbols are placed on a mat: the mkeka. Have children weave their own paper mats in Kwanzaa colors of red, green, and black. If you want the project to take up a bit more time, they can color white construction paper—or even strips of paper bags—for weaving.


Whatever you’re celebrating this season, happy crafting!