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12 Hulu Shows Every Mom Will Love Binge Watching

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After pajamas and teeth brushing, bedtime stories and prayers, it’s mama’s TV time! We canceled cable last year so I’ve come to rely on streaming services for my drama/mystery/reality fix. And Hulu is my favorite!

Below you’ll find a handful of my favorite shows as well as some recommendations I have stored in “My Stuff” based on things my friends have loved. Get ready to binge watch, mamas, Hulu apparently wants us to stay up late 🙂

Saving Hope

A medical drama with an out of body experience twist. If you love Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Med, give this one a try!


Now, this is very much an adult show. It’s premise is a brothel! But, trust me, you’ll be drawn into the three seasons of this British drama in a heartbeat.

The Handmaid’s Tale

First, read the book. It’s a classic and very much one that you’ll enjoy when delving into the three, soon to be four, seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale. Beware though, some elements of this dystopia, totalitarian society are quite eery.

The Masked Singer

Watch celebrities face off in song … and in costume! Such a lighthearted mix of reality television with comedic flair.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Seven seasons of a funny sitcom are waiting for you in Brooklyn Nine-Nine where a detective, police captain, and their coworkers give a glimpse of all that goes on “behind the badge”.

7th Heaven

Eleven seasons of clean, wholesome family fun about a minister, his wife, and their seven kids.


Comedy, drama, romance … and some Hilary Duff! In Younger a 40-year-old pretends to be 26 to land a job and, well, you can probably imagine how that goes!

The Path

A Hulu original, The Path is all about a controversial cult movement which brings about a blend of mystery, romance, and supernatural elements.


If you were a Lost fan back in the day, Manifest is for you!

Twin Peaks

Originally a hit in the 90s, Twin Peaks is all about a homecoming queen murder investigation.


We all watched this when it was brand new, right? Well, it’s definitely worth a re-watch. Get ready for six seasons of perhaps the best show ever aired.

Looking For Alaska

Based on John Green’s book of the same title, Looking for Alaska, is a boarding school teen drama filled with love, philosophy, and tragedy.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.