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15 Fun Kids Playroom Ideas From Pinterest

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We just recently moved and our new house is bigger than anything else we’ve ever had before. We are used to small space living and don’t quite know what to do with all the extra space we now have.  

Playroom Ideas

We have a playroom for my son in this new house and I have been trolling Pinterest looking for fun playroom ideas for him. I have had so much fun looking, Pinterest sure can be addicting. Today I wanted to share 15 neat kids playroom ideas from Pinterest with you all!

Playroom Idea - Chalkboard

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall. How neat is this idea for a huge magnetic chalkboard wall in your child’s playroom? Perfect for any little artist!

candyland framed game

Framed Board Game. Don’t throw away your old board games, frame them!

playroom with teepee

TeePee. What kid doesn’t want a cool fort in their playroom?!

playroom idea - rock wall

Miniature Rock Climb. For the child who loves adventure!

playroom idea - color bookshelf

Interior Painted Playroom Furniture. Putting a fresh coat of paint on old furniture can really bring playroom furniture to life!

playroom idea - grocery store

Playroom Grocery Store. Turn the playroom into a grocery store. What a fabulous idea!

playroom idea - theater

Playroom Theater. Let your children’s talent shine with their very own theater playroom complete with a stage and all!

playroom idea - reading room

Reading Room. I love this sweet idea for a little book nook in the playroom.

playroom idea - alphabet wall

Alphabet Wall. I love this creative idea for hanging the ABC’s!

playroom idea - playground

Playroom Playground. A slide?! Which kid isn’t going to love that!?

playroom idea - workshop

Workshop. Does your child love to help daddy with tools and things in the garage? Put your mini Handy Manny to work with their very own workshop.

playroom idea - playhouse

Playroom House. Look how clever this idea is for a sweet little house.

art gallery in a playroom

Artist Gallery. If your children love to draw, then this idea is for you! Hang all of their masterpieces on their own gallery wall!

playroom idea - playroom rug

Playroom Rug. We just got my son a playroom rig from Ikea and he has been obsessed with playing cars on top of it. Any little kid would love something like this!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.