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25 Photos To Take In Baby’s First Weeks

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Sometimes baby #3 gets the shaft. They don’t have a completed baby book, they wear pajamas all day, and all those cute milestone photos you took with your first don’t seem to happen. After all, they’re third in line and mama is busy with a capital B!

I’m letting go of the baby book guilt and embracing pajamas, but for my third little one born early this year I’m aiming to take lots and lots of photos. They’re quick, easy, and most of all, priceless! My favorite thing to do at night is flip through photos from the day, edit them a bit in A Color Story app, and then place an order for prints to display around the house and mail off to grandparents.

Lest you need more ideas to capture your baby’s sweetness, here are a few of my favorite shots, poses, and backgrounds to be sure to snap in those first few weeks!

  1. Bath time
  2. Snuggled in their car seat
  3. Asleep in mama’s arms
  4. Snuggled with daddy
  5. Nursing
  6. Belly button before and after their umbilical cord falls off
  7. Their favorite sleeping position
  8. Close up of toes
  9. Close up of fingers
  10. Yawning
  11. Smiling… if you can catch one!
  12. Being worn in a wrap or ring sling
  13. With siblings
  14. Just in a diaper
  15. Full body on a special blanket
  16. Getting their cheeks pinched
  17. Close up of facial features
  18. Any special birth marks
  19. Tummy time
  20. Swaddled
  21. In a special outfit… this is my favorite way to send a quick “thank you” text when we receive a gift!
  22. Next to mom’s postpartum belly
  23. Anything and everything in black and white… so classic!
  24. Wrist and thigh rolls
  25. With their namesake, if they were named after a person or place

baby's first photos collage

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.