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30 British Baby Names

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When I was 12 I traveled to Great Britain on an ambassador trip with this group. I know it’s thinking many, many years in the future for most of us, but if your children have the opportunity to travel overseas — make it happen! Gaining a global perspective through travel has immensely impacted my life for the better. I only hope my children will be able to have similar, life-changing experiences.

Since traveling across the pond I’ve retained a fascination with all things British. I love the idea of royalty, the accents, the home cooking, the historical significance of Britain over the centuries. So, it only seems natural that now, as a mama, I’ve got a wee bit of love for British baby names.

Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite baby names inspired by Great Britain — aren’t they just brilliant!?!

30 british baby names

British Boy Baby Names

Alastair /// such sophistication … often credited to the journalist Alastair Cook.

Archie /// a British top 20, but not quite as popular here in the US.

Augustine /// a bit old-fashioned, but wouldn’t “Gus” be the perfect nickname?

Callum /// give your little boy a Scottish flair.

Charles /// Prince Charles has such a timeless name and I adore the nickname “Charlie.”

Derby /// a city in the East Midlands region, definitely a different and unique name to consider.

Duncan /// another Scottish name and with all the clans your surnames turned first name options are bountiful.

George /// name your little one after a future king.

Graham /// this was our tour guide’s name when I traveled to Britain and I’ve loved it ever since.

Lennon /// a nod to England’s musical great.

Leo /// a name held by many popes and perhaps now, your son.

Lewis /// there are so many English writers that can spur baby names, Alice in Wonderland’s Lewis Carroll being one.

Piers /// connected to the name “Peter”, just a bit more sophisticated.

Rex /// with the feel of “Max”, just more regal.

Rhys /// the traditional Welsh spelling makes this name standout.

British Girl Baby Names

Beatrice /// another ode to the royal family, Princess Beatrice of York.

Bristol /// a city in Southwest England.

Bronwen /// or Anwen, both lovely Welsh names.

Bryony /// a climbing vine indigenous to Britain, I love Ivy, Clover and Rose as other English garden names.

Carys /// common in Wales, not so much here … pronounced ker-is.

Cressida /// just one of Shakespeare’s amazing names, find more here.

Elizabeth /// so many queens have had this traditional name and the nicknames are endless.

Freya /// I see this one on the rise here in the US, it’s so pretty.

Gemma /// a popular 1980’s British name, it’s becoming popular again … as is the spelling “Jemma.”

Imogen /// another British classic.

Iona /// a small island off the coast of Scotland.

Kate /// our dear Kate Middelton will no doubt give a rise to this simple, beautiful name.

London /// a perfect name to recognize a perfect city.

Pippa /// Kate’s sister, Pippa Middelton, has given me a love for this classy, unique nickname to Phillipa.

Sterling /// I suppose this could be a boy name too, but truly beautiful for a little girl named after the Scottish city.

What British names do you love? Does your child’s name have a non-US origin?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.