5 Books To Teach Children About Martin Luther King

In honor of Martin Luther King Day on January 19th, we’ve rounded up five books to teach your children about this amazing man who made a difference. There are books for various ages, from 2 years old to 12, to help you teach your child more about the man behind the day.

51dYoYtNzWLI Have A Dream By Martin Luther King Jr.– Let your kids hear it from the great man himself. This book also comes with audio! Recommended for kindergartners through to 12 year olds.

9780545142335_p0_v1_s600Martin Luther King Jr By Marion Dane Bauer This book has simple text and great illustrations. Recommended for ages 4-8.


A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr By David A. Adler– This book describes the life of Martin Luther King in detail, including the struggles he overcame and his dreams.  Recommended for ages 4-9.

61J5LyZ0rWLMartin Luther King Jr Day By Margaret McNamaraThis book follows Mrs. Conner’s class who learns about a great man, and discovers their own dreams and hopes for a better world. Recommended for ages 4-6.

51C5Uy4wCuLThe Story of Martin Luther King Jr by Johnny Ray Moore A simple board book with around 200 words that concisely explains his life in a way for 2 year olds to understand, but does not discuss his assassination. Recommended for ages 2 and up.