5 Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner. If you’ve got a bun in the oven and haven’t announced the exciting news yet, there’s no better time to do it than this holiday season! While I was rounding up some fun and clever Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas for you, I started crying. I just had my second baby and I’m feeling all the postpartum feels right now. These announcement ideas are so heartwarming, just take a look!

baby 2
Photo Source: Etsy

Custom Portrait Pregnancy Announcement. Let’s face it, sometimes when you’re all hormonal with a growing belly you don’t really feel like being photographed. So skip all the fuss and just have a custom illustration created where you and your partner can look equally adorable.


baby 3
Photo Source: Back To Her Roots

Sonogram Announcement. Keep your baby the main focus by using their first sonogram picture as your announcement!


baby 4
Photo Source: Alyssa Shrock

Tree Humor. This is the cutest baby Christmas tree AND there’s a pun involved. This announcement reads: “The TREE of us”

baby 5
Photo Source: Etsy


Christmas Chalkboard Announcement. Not only would this make a great announcement for photos, you can keep it forever!

baby 5
Photo Source: Life Love And Lucy

The Whole Family Announcement. Here’s a great announcement idea to get the WHOLE family involved, pets included! I also love the clever usage of the chalkboard wall behind them! Two great ideas in one!