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5 Things Your Child’s Teacher Needs

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By this time of year, the first week of school is on everyone’s mind.

For teachers, it’s all about classroom prep and plans for kicking off the year with all sorts of excitement and learning. For parents, it’s school supply shopping and re-establishing routines. For kids, well, some are eager and some are holding on to every ounce of summer with their tight little fists.

No matter how ready you are for the school year, IT’S HERE… or getting very close!

So, in addition to the regular prep and supply lists, don’t forget to take note of the “unofficial” list — the one all teachers hope you’ll discover AND act on without hesitancy.

Curious what I’m talking about? Well, I polled a handful of teachers and here are five things those awesome teachers of ours really want the first week of school…

  1. Make sure your child can help themselves by teaching them how to tie their shoes tight, zip their own jacket for recess, and open their own lunch containers. This saves teachers countless minutes during the day. I mean, can you imagine zipping 20+ coats a few times a day?
  2. Add a gift card to your child’s back to school supplies to help cover miscellaneous things the classroom might need. Even $5 goes a long way and every teacher I spoke with said it would be immensely appreciated!
  3. Offer to volunteer on a regular basis (every Friday, once a month, or perhaps a weekly project you take home and complete) and be reliable. Key words being REGULAR and RELIABLE. Teachers need help and a consistent volunteer is priceless. On the flip side, one teacher mentioned that “an unreliable volunteer is almost worse than no volunteer because you have planned for a volunteer to do a job, meet with a student, run a practice group, etc. and then you are left up a creek when they don’t show up.”
  4. Practice the after school plan so your student is ready the first week. If they’re walking home, practice the path (and maybe have a back-up). If you’re picking up, choose a specific meeting place. If they’re taking the bus, make sure they know the bus number/route and their driver’s name. These details will make the after school plan go smooth for everyone.
  5. Learn your teacher’s favorite coffee drink or other beverage of choice. Have them write it down exactly so there are no mix-ups and then, some time during the first week or month (and later on throughout the year), surprise them with it! Everyone likes a just because thank you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.