6 Cute First Day of School Photo Ideas

As a parent, I find it so important to document every milestone my son hits. The easiest way to do this is through photographs! In the age of Pinterest, it can be overwhelming to come up with just one way of documenting something as important as your child’s first day of school. Have no fear, friends! I’ve found six cute first day of school photo ideas to try this year. Choose your favorite!

Sidewalk Chalk

blue cricket

Blue Cricket Design shares this precious photo montage. All you’ll need is a small spread of black top and a piece of sidewalk chalk in your child’s favorite color.

DIY Picture Frame

diy picture frame

Mom Always Finds Out shares this really cute (and seemingly simple) DIY picture frame for documenting the first – and last – day of school. The star is painted with chalkboard paint, so you can customize it based on the occasion – first, 100th, last day of school.

Interview Questions


For this one, you can either use photoshop or a chalkboard, depending on your preference. Simply write down the answers to a few interview questions that you can repeat year after year. A few sample questions include future profession, favorite food, best friend, etc.

Graduation T-shirt

graduation shirt

Perhaps my most favorite idea- using this simple tutorial, create a t-shirt for your child’s high school graduation year (in their future adult size)! Be sure to take the same photo year after year – props if you can manage it in the same spot, too!

Front Steps

front steps

Ah, the age old classic. Grab all of your kiddos – school age or not – and position them on the front steps. Snap a few different shots. Make sure to repeat the photo on the last day of school too – same positions!

Repeat Outfits

repeat outfit

This one will come together on the last day of school, but you have to start somewhere! Have your child wear the same outfit on the first and last day to have side-by-side documentation of their growth. Then try not to cry!