7 Encouraging Quotes For Moms

By Fridays I’m usually at my wits end with motherhood. It’s exhausting – the day in and day out of diapers, picky eaters and laundry. The monotony of everyday can wear on a mama and sometimes we just need a lightning bolt of encouragement.

I’ll often memorize a quote or two to carry through the day. To guide my chores, give me patience and keep perspective on this irreplaceable role of mothering. It really does give me a boost and I hope it will do the same for you!

encouragement 1


Sometimes my to do list gets mega long and I want to crash under the weight of too much too soon! On those days, I love this quote. I divide my list into musts and hopes and press on, fabulously of course 🙂

encouragement 2


Doesn’t that hit deep? On so many levels of motherhood and life. Something to truly reflect on when a quiet moment arrives … perhaps nap time.

encouragement 3


I truly need this mug for my morning beverage! My son, in his 3 year old negotiating spirit, will often toss an idea my way and then ask, “I the boss or you the boss?” In other words, who is making the decisions today? Haha!

encouragement 4


Balance is constantly preached, but achieving it is truly a daily battle. Do your best just for today – a little movie, a little table activity and a little exploring outside.

encouragement 5


As I grocery shop with a chatterbox daughter, growling son and pregnant belly I often get the look of “Ohmygoodness, that poor mama” from other shoppers passing by. Although I’m tired and often overwhelmed as we trudge through the aisles, I wish they could see beyond the dark circles of my eyes to my heart. It’s where the real satisfaction and beauty lies. I love my life.

encouragement 6


Not only a lesson I try to remind myself of, but one I want to pass on to my children.

encouragement 7


Contentment is a constant thorn in my side and remembering that things are nothing and my people are everything is just the wake up call I need on hard days.