7 Yummy St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Cupcake Ideas

Shamrocks, Clovers, and Rainbows. Oh, my! Bring sweetness to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration with these seven yummy St. Patty’s day inspired cupcake ideas.

1. Shamrock Cupcakes.

Photo Credit: Easy Cake Decorating

I don’t think there’s anything not to love about these adorably, creative shamrock cupcakes. Using a store bought mix, these cupcakes combine green icing and some creative shaping to make the shamrock shape. See the complete recipe here at Easy Cake Decorating.

2. Taste a Rainbow Cupcakes.

Photo Credit: Spoonful

The interesting thing about eating rainbow cupcakes is that if you close your eyes, you really can taste the rainbow. Trust me on this. This simple recipe involves a white cake mix and food coloring. That’s it. Easy- peasy. See the recipe and directions at Spoonful.

3. Lucky Cupcakes.

Photo Credit: My Own Labels

These cupcakes are deceptively simple to make. All you’ll need for this St. Patty’s goodness are a yellow boxed cake mix, some fun labels, green food coloring, and some Lucky Charms cereal for the top. See the recipe and directions at My Own Labels.

4. Grasshopper Cakes.

Grasshopper Cupcakes
Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

This is a slightly more sophisticated cupcake for the culinary lovers among us. This little number combines, an always winning combo, chocolate and mint. The cupcake is made from scratch, but from start to finish, you’ll be done in less than half an hour! See the recipe and directions at Better Homes and Gardens.

5. End of the Rainbow Cupcakes.

End-of-the-Rainbow Cupcakes
Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

At first glance, these cupcakes look nothing like cupcakes at all. It’s a rainbow, yes, but there are wonders of cupcakes beneath.  See the recipe and directions at Better Homes and Gardens.

6. Lucky Rainbow Cupcakes.

Photo Credit: Babble

Here’s a creative twist on the standard rainbow cupcake. The secrets to the winning topper of this cupcake are green and white frosting, sprinkles, and an Airheads Sweetly Sour Rainbow Belt. See the recipe and directions at Babble.

7. Shamrock Cut Out Cupcakes.

Photo Credit: Glorious Treats

These cupcakes are sure to win over all the adults and children at your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The green deliciousness at the center of these cupcakes is actually green frosting. Yummy. See the recipe and directions at Glorious Treats.

So, now that you have the ideas, start baking!

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