8 Delicious Kabob Recipes

Does anything scream “SUMMER!” more than kabobs?  Ya know, meat on a stick? I am on a total kabob (kebab?) kick so far this season. They’re so easy and quick to put together, they look impressive, and they don’t require me heating up my house by turning the stove / oven on.

My biggest tip for kabobs is to make sure each piece of food is cut to the same size. This helps them cook evenly. Always presoak wooden skewers prior to grilling to prevent burning. This reminds me: I wanted to invest in metal skewers! Make sure to preheat the grills on high heat. And remember – marinades are your friend! They add so much flavor and tenderness, and are what separates bland kabobs from delicious kabobs. Here are some of my current favorite recipes.

Orange Balsamic Chicken Kabobs


Lemon Garlic Shrimp Kabobs

lemon shrimp

Grilled Souvlaki


Asian Pepper Steak Kabobs

pepper steak

Savory Grilled Salmon Kabobs


Marinated Chicken Pineapple Sausage Kabobs

chicken pineapple sausage

Fajita Chicken Kabobs

fajita chicken

Marinated Lamb Kabobs

marinated lamb


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