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9 (Not-Awkward) Baby Shower Games

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baby shower games

Baby showers! What a fun time to celebrate with the mom-to-be or—hello, 2016—the parents-to be! Except when it’s not fun. Like when it’s game time and things get…awkward… Those of you planning showers may be wondering if you can skip the games altogether. This is totally an option if you’re doing a non-traditional shower (think mani-pedis, a girls’ night out, or a barbeque with outdoor games), but if you want an updated version of the traditional shower, you’re going to have to up your game game. Here are some fun not-awkward suggestions to help you out.

  1. Ask each guest to bring a picture of themselves as a baby and a picture of themselves now. Guests have to match up the baby photo with the now-grown-up version of each person.
  2. Baby Trivia: Present a list of facts (or fictions!) about babies. The guest who identifies the most correctly wins. You can use an existing list for inspiration or grab your favorite baby book and make your own.
  3. Make a list of attributes, then ask Mom (or Mom and Dad) in advance which parent they hope the baby gets the attribute from. Guests have to decide what the parents chose. So, my husband and I would get a list including things like eye color, height, athletic ability, packrat tendencies, etc. We’d pick whether we hope the baby got Dad’s athletic ability or Mom’s. Guests would guess who we picked.
  4. Crafts are an option, too! How about a make-your-own-onesie station? The first time I heard about this, I thought it was a horrible idea. What about the non-creative folks among us?! But I came across a suggestion to use iron-on transfers, which is genius! If you feel like being retro (and messy) you could even bust out the tie-dye. Oh, or stamps with craft ink, which would be fun for a quilt or baby blanket, too!
  5. At a friend’s shower, we played a game in which we couldn’t say the word “baby.” Everyone got two diaper pins and when you said baby, you had to give your pin to the person you were talking to. Whoever had the most pins at the end of the shower won. You can use clothes pins, hair clips, or clip on ties—be creative!
  6. Okay, kind of cheesy, but how about The Price is Right? Have baby items (consider items from the registry) set out with price tags to match them up to. Whoever gets the most prices matched correctly wins. This is also a way to educate any non-parents at the shower. Or maybe to warn them…
  7. How about a pop (Ha! See what I did there?) quiz? Have guests match the title of famous children’s books to quotes. Or have them match an animal to the length of its gestation period. You could also have them match names to famous “name song” quotes with the names removed. To make that last one really hard, don’t provide the names—have guests fill them in from memory. Or guess, which is what I would be doing. If you have a larger shower, you could create teams instead of having guests work individually.
  8. New parents are bound to have lots of questions, right? So why not “help” them out with an awesome Mad-Libs-style advice game! Each guest should write a common childcare question down on the front of an index card. Turn the card over and pass it to the guest on the right (or left, your choice!). On the new card, each guest should write the answer to their original question on the back of the new card. Read the combinations aloud and let the hilarity ensue.
  9. Who’s watching the baby? Hopefully, this is not one of the questions the new parents will have. However, it makes for a fun baby shower game. Give each guest a small baby and task them with keeping track of the little kiddo for the whole shower. See an unattended baby? Scoop it up. The guest with the most kids at the end of the event wins.

And one final game. Bonus! Missing the “not awkward” goal by miles, but I totally laugh-snorted when I came across it: Sperm Cornhole. You’re welcome.

baby shower sperm chornhole

Photo credit: from BabyCenter as seen on BuzzFeed

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Heather Hemmert

Monday 4th of July 2016

My favorite, not awkward baby shower game is the one where the grandparents send in stories about the mom and dad from when they were kids. You read the stories to guests at the party and they have to guess if it was mom-to-be or dad-to-be who did that. So for example, one story from my babyhood was I had colic for four months, crying every night. Most my baby shower guests had guessed it was my husband instead of me!

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