9 Perfect Peanut Recipes

I know a family who has a child with a peanut allergy. No nuts for them—except for one week each year when this kiddo heads off to camp. Then the whole rest of the family eats all the peanuts for a week before sanitizing the house in time for their child to come home. I was reminded of them when I found a jar of peanuts in my pantry the other day, and I was inspired to see what I could do with it. Here are nine peanut recipes to try.

Homemade Peanut Butter: Did you know that it takes about five minutes to make peanut butter in a food processor? Seriously. You’ll wonder why you’ve been buying it from the store.

Banana S’more Nut Bars: Summer is coming to a close, but you can still hang on to those summer campfire flavors with these yummy bars. They’re like banana boats in bar form.

Homemade Snickers Bars: Speaking of sweet treats, how about trying replicate one of your favorite candy bars at home? Challenge accepted.

Kung Pao Chicken: Kung pao chicken is my husband’s favorite thing to order when we get Chinese takeout. My daughter’s not a big fan because “it’s spicy,” so when making this for your family, feel free to play with the amount of spicy ingredients to get them just right for you.

PB&J Nutjammer Cookies: My first thought upon seeing these cookies is how amazing they would be for an afterschool snack. Okay. My first thought was that I really wanted to eat one. After that, I realized I’d score some major mom points for serving this PB&J after school.

Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Chicken: Alright, this one might be cheating a little bit because the main ingredient is actually peanut butter and the nuts are an optional garnish. I just had to include it though, because I love Thai peanut chicken! And who doesn’t love an easy slow cooker meal?

Virginia Peanut Soup: Here’s another recipe that uses peanuts as a garnish and peanut butter as a main ingredient—but you can use your homemade peanut butter, so it’s all good! This creamy, rich soup makes a great appetizer or a fun side dish.

Crunchy Chicken-Peanut Chopped Salad Recipe: Rather like a homemade Lunchable being tastier than the store-bought variety, this chopped salad is way better than the bagged version. Although, it’s just as easy when tossed with deli chicken!

Granola: Whether you like granola for breakfast or for a tasty snack, here are two fun options for you, the first is a Peanut Butter Cup granola and the second is an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie granola. Both look pretty darn good.

Which recipe are you most excited to try?