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  1. “Pre-teaching” is something that that really helps my 2 1/2 year old. It’s very similar to giving a fair warning. If I take a minute to explain where we are going and what kind of behavior I expect, she is more likely to follow my directions. If she does misbehave I can remind her of the “rules” for that place/event and she is more likely to follow them. This doesn’t always work of course, but it helps. Here’s an example: It is time to brush teeth before bed, something my daughter detests. I remind her beforehand how to be cooperative; open her mouth wide, don’t fight, hold still, etc. Then she gets to choose who helps her (mom or dad) and she gets a turn to brush and then the adult gets a turn. When she is done I can praise her specifically (you held so still! thank you for being cooperative) and she is proud and knows she can do it. I hope this makes sense, maybe it can help someone. )

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