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Best Wedding Reception Cake (or Baby Shower) Idea Ever!

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I’m not a wedding expert by any means, but I do know a good idea when I see one. And when I go to a wedding and there is such a fantastic idea that it could even be used for a baby shower, I have to share it.

Last weekend, I went to my cousin’s wedding in Cleveland, Ohio. She had a beautiful wedding reception at a club right on the lake. I would guess that there were about 150 – 175 people at the reception, and in typical wedding fashion, every detail was planned out perfectly.

While the candy bar in the corner of the reception tent and open bar were fantastic touches, my favorite takeaway from the reception were the wedding cakes on each table. Instead of the typical flower bouquet table centerpieces, my aunt had a better idea.

Each of the 15 tables had a gorgeous wedding cake that served up to 20 people and there were about 6 different varieties. Not only did this eliminate the need for a giant wedding cake that had to be cut, served and delivered after dinner to the guests, but since the many of the cakes were different, it gave the guests a choice of what kind of cake they wanted.

Our table had a Chocolate Salted Caramel cake and it was to die for. But if my table mates weren’t into caramel or chocolate, they could scoot over to one of the other tables after dinner and share the raspberry or lemon varieties.

This encouraged guests to walk around and mingle and it totally worked. Yep, you bet I wanted to try the Raspberry cake so it forced me to introduce myself to the other table and request a piece of their cake. Seriously, best wedding cake idea I have ever heard of!

Plus, if you aren’t looking for wedding ideas, this can translate perfectly for a big baby shower. Maybe you just put smaller cakes out at a baby shower? It would totally work.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.