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The Bob And The Lob

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About a year ago, I went to my amazing hairstylst and told him I wanted to chop eight inches off my hair and get a bob. The man was thrilled. He told me he knew bobs would be making a comeback very soon and that I was ahead of the game. Obviously he was right because now both bobs and lobs are by far the most popular hair trend! So I’m here to share some tips on the bob and the lob: what are they, how do you achieve and maintain them, and what to tell your stylist when taking the plunge.

Photo Source: The Beauty Department

A bob in my book is anything that cleans the shoulders. A longer bob could be right above the shoulders and a shorter bob above the chin. A blunt bob means you want the hair the same length all the way around your head. Some bobs are longer in front and shorter in the back, others have undercuts meaning the underneath hairs are cut shorter and the hairs on top fall longer on top of them. Ya, there’s a LOT to know when it comes to bobs. Here’s what YOU should know if you’re considering this hairstyle.

Bobs put the focus on your neck, chin, shoulders, and face. Say bye bye to your security blanket but say hello to a whole new you and a haircut that brings the attention to your gorgeous face.

When  you see your stylist, I highly recommend bringing photos of what you want: you can never bring enough photos to a hair appointment. Like the photo I pictured above? You would simply ask your stylist to give you a textured bob that clears your shoulders.

Keep in mind that bobs grow fast so you will need to see your stylist every 4-6 weeks to maintain it. I can get away with seeing my stylist every 6-7 weeks because mine is all one length like the above picture, so it always grows out nicely.

Photo Source: The Beauty Department

Let’s talk the lob. The lob is basically just a longer version of the bob, hence the name. Anyone can rock this look and they are great to start with if you’ve always wanted a bob but can’t take the full plunge yet. If you want the above look, ask for a textured lob and tell them the exact length you’d like it. In order to maintain a lob, you’ll need to get it cut every 6 weeks or so unless you decide you want to grow it out.

The great thing about bobs and lobs is that you can wear them so many different ways. Blow dry and straighten them for a sleek, straight look, or use a curling iron or wand to wrap around pieces for a curly look. Use a beach spray to get some messy, imperfectly perfect waves going. The possibilities with this cut are endless!

Here are some other fun bob and lobs I love!

bob haircut
bob haircut

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.