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Bright Beds, Happy Rooms

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When I was six, my parents bought my sister and I matching pink bunk beds for our bedroom. They perfectly matched our ballerina bear wall paper and we were in love. Our room was our little haven where we imagined and played and had sweet dreams. To this day, I adore that pink bed and am smitten with the fact that my daughter now loves it too.

We’re on the cusp of setting up a room for my son and I’m definitely drawn to the idea of another bright color for his bed frame. It just brings such a pop of color to the room! In my planning I’ve come across so many darling beds that lead to the cutest rooms. Take a peek!


Bed /// Room Style

This room set up is all boy, but I can totally see a blue bed being a beautiful addition to a little girl’s room too.


Bed /// Room Style

From emerald to sea foam to apple, I can see myself falling in love with a multitude of green bed frames.

FANCY PURPLE purple bed

Bed /// Room Style

My daughter would swoon for a purple bed! Such a fancy color that truly blends with multiple decorating palettes. And, of course, flowers – purple always matches pretty flowers!


Bed /// Room Style

This is my favorite. If I had to choose a room makeover for me right now – this would be it. Cheery red with pops of teal and vintage accessories.

There are so many choices when it comes to colorful beds – here are a few more favorites I ran across … one, two, three. So now, all I have to do is decide who gets a colorful bed first … I could paint my daughter’s current bed or dream up a color scheme for when we purchase my son’s first full size bed. So much planning to do!

What color bed would you pick for your child’s room? How about the master or guest room?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.