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Home Office Organization Ideas

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Today is week 5 of our Building a House with Pinterest series. You may have noticed that we skipped last Wednesday for our weekly building a home update posts. Sorry about that. With returning from Disneyland and Easter preparations last week, we decided to hold off on posting our next update. No worries because this week we are back on track and it is all about the home office. Yep, my home office is VERY important to me because I spend a ton of time in there. Right now, my office is a crammed corner of the kitchen in the temporary “cozy condo” that we are staying in. Needless to say, I’m very eager to get to the new house to start setting up my office.

Home Office Ideas

Due to the amount of baby gear that circles through my office for reviews, I have to be very, very organized or things could start to look like an episode of “Hoarders.” No, I don’t keep the strollers in my office (well, maybe one or two of them!) but there are baby carriers, bottles, diaper bags, monitors and so much other baby gear!

So, the key in my new office will be organization, organization, organization. Seriously, this is hard for me because I seem to attract clutter more than the average person, but in my mind, I WANT to be organized.

Let’s just start with what I’d like my office to look like…

office lighting
Photo Credit: Houzz

Everything about this photo from Houzz screams neat, organized and chic. Yet, I’m not going to kid myself, my office will never look like this. Why? Because I just have too much stuff! I look at those shelves behind the desk with all that decorative decor on them and can’t help but know that if that were my office, those shelves would be packed. Like a hoarder. Seriously, I don’t think anyone really works in that office unless the floor to ceiling shelves are out of the shot and against the side wall.

Maybe shelves like this one from Two Twenty One are off to the side? Good news is that I actually have this shelving system (mine is black) and those file boxes from IKEA. I’m thinking I might “gift” my black shelving to my husband for his home office and get this white one with the pink accents. It just looks so clean and fun!

white office cubes
Photo Credit: Two Twenty One

To be honest, the shelving unit from IKEA still isn’t enough for my office. I’m thinking these glass cabinet shelves from Young House Love might be a better fit for me but with those glass doors I would have to keep them super neat!

Office shelves
Photo Credit: Young House Love

I also love this unique idea of turning an IKEA bookshelf into more!

office bookshelves
office rug

I will have hardwood floors in my office, but honestly, I haven’t been to the house lately to see how big my actual office is. I’m hoping that when my desk and bookshelves are in the office, I’ll have room for a fun rug like the one in the photo below.

Since I lived in a staged, for sale house for 3 years with all our family photos covered with random generic photos of places that I had never been, I’m super excited to cover the walls with photos of my family and kids! I’m seriously thinking of doing one of the walls in my office with huge canvases of my kids just like this one from Canvas Press.

office with canvas wall
Photo Credit: Mary Schannen – Canvas Press

Now, it is time to talk about organization of all the little stuff. I’m not necessarily a “crafter” but I end up with tons of crayons, papers, scissors and other office and school supplies in my office.  I love these hanging little baskets for all those office supplies that I usually just throw in a drawer of my desk.

office organizers hanging on wall
Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Okay, so I’ve planned to have a full wall of shelves, a full wall of photo canvases of my kids and a wall of windows in my office. That leaves part of one wall (there is a door on that last wall) to hang my Pottery Barn organization pieces like the ones in the photo below.

Office organizers for wall
Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

Another idea for organizing things like all the crayons, markers, chalk and other school and office supplies are big jars like these on a shelf. I’d just be afraid that my kids would break or chip the glass lids trying to get things out of them.

Office Organization

Another big plan for household organization that I hope to keep in my office are home organizational binders like the ones from A Bowl Full of Lemons.  Sure, I have a file cabinet full of folders that hold this type of information but I’d love to have the important stuff on hand to find quickly.  I think these color coded binders are a brilliant idea!

house organizer binders
Photo Credit: A Bowl Full of Lemons

That’s it for this week! Most of my home office will be a work in progress when we move in, so I hope I can layout the room well with the furniture and all the stuff that I have to cram in there. 🙂

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Sunday 13th of July 2014

I am totally a Pinterest addict! The ideas and inspiration is endless. I have tackled quite a few home projects with Pinterest as my tutor :) Love that wall organiser from Pottery Barn. Chanelle.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.