Preschool Spider Craft


At my daughter’s coop-preschool, the children got to make this very cute beaded spider! The idea was taken from this Hands On As We Grow post. It was super easy, and kept the kids quiet for some time, as they were fully engrossed in beading the legs of these little guys. I think this might be a rare moment when I actually appreciated that spiders have eight legs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What You Will Need:

5 pipe cleaners

1 large pom pom

1 small pom pom

Small different colored beads

Strong liquid glue


ย What To Do:

1. Take four of the pipe cleaners and lay them across each other to make the spiders legs. Take the extra pipe cleaner and wrap it tightly around the center so they all stay firmly in place.


2. Start beading! Be sure to remind your child to leave about a fingernail-sized gap at the end in order for you to twist the pipe cleaner to make “feet” so the beads don’t fall off.

3. When all eight legs are complete, carefully glue the large “body” pom pom in the center, and the small “head” pom pom in front of it.

Let the glue dry completely before playing with your colorful spider! ๐Ÿ™‚