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8 Cheap Valentine’s Ideas for a Special Day

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You know how fun it is to go out on dates or exchange awesome presents for Valentine’s Day? Well, wouldn’t it be even more enjoyable when you aren’t worrying about the money you’re spending to do so? That’s where I come in: here are 8 cheap Valentine’s Day ideas you can utilize this year to make the day special without breaking the bank.

In-Store Card Exchange: Let’s get honest—sometimes we keep the sweet cards given to us. But usually, they hang around on the counter, in stacks of papers, or on the fridge before we eventually toss them when we’ve deemed it socially acceptable for how long they’ve been kept.

So instead of paying $4.99 for a piece of paper that might get thrown away in a few days, save the money and go with your spouse to the store to exchange. Read as many as you need in the card aisle until you each find the best one, exchange them, then when you’ve had your laugh and your “awe” moment, just put them back! The same sentiment is exchanged without paying for the paper!

cheap valentine card asile ideas

Acts of Service: You may love this holiday, but there are many who hate it because they always feel left out or lonely on this designated day of love. Why not find little ways to lift up those around you? This is a great chance to include the kids as well, teaching them that Valentine’s Day is showing love to everyone; not just your significant other.

Ideas for service could be paying for the car behind you in a drive thru, making paper hearts and “heart attacking” a neighbor’s door, or visiting a retirement home (maybe playing the piano in the Rec Room for the tenant’s enjoyment, if you can).

Apple Roses: This is one of my favorite ideas, which comes from Tip Hero and is perfect for any of you that are gifted in the art of cooking. Not too hard, but just enough work and beauty to be something special you make for your family on February 14th.

valentine rose apples ideas

Library Movies: So maybe you can’t afford two $11 tickets (plus babysitter money) for a night out to see a movie, but that doesn’t need to stop you from enjoying some screen time and cuddles on the couch. If nothing suits you in the nearest Redbox, don’t forget that your local library carries a DVD selection. Go with your date to browse their romantic movies, grab some cheap snacks and enjoy!

Balloons Galore: Here’s one you can do for the kids: Pick up packs of multi-colored balloons from the dollar store, blow them up (hole punch some old magazines for confetti and add it to some of the balloons if you don’t mind the mess once popped), and fill your kid’s bedroom floor with them for a fun surprise when they wake up on Valentine’s Day!

cheap valentines ideas balloons

Evening at Her Service: I once heard Valentine’s Day described as a holiday made for just the woman, so if you’re of this opinion, pass this idea on to your man. A meal cooked and enjoyed at home is way cheaper than going to a fancy restaurant. Make this night even more special by having your man do everything for you. He cooks for you, sets the table, does the dishes (what’s sexier than a man cleaning for you while you get to sit back and relax?), he mixes your drink, massages your feet, etc. If he’s really wanting to spoil you this holiday, this would be the way to do it!

Dress Each Other: This date idea can be really fun if you both get into it, and be sure to bring your camera to capture the memories forever. Take window-shopping to the next level by going to a clothing store and picking out entire outfits for your significant other to model for you, and vice versa. This is a chance for you both to get super silly! Choose outrageous prints, sizes too small or way oversized, opposite gender items (bikini, anyone?), or things you’ve always wanted to see him try that aren’t his style. You know those dresses and suits that are way out of your price zone? Pick out ones for each other and take them for a short “test drive.” Fun and free, this date is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

valentines shopping cheap

Gift Cards: If all else fails, dig out those unused gift cards you got from Christmas and utilize them for a Valentine’s date. Even if it’s just a Home Depot card instead of a nice restaurant, use it! Have fun searching the aisles for something you wouldn’t expect to be at a hardware store (am I the only one who has noticed how random some of the little items are that you can find there?).

Hopefully some of these ideas spark some interest for you and your Valentine. Have fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.