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Gifts For Teachers

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Forget the apples (and apple themed gifts).  Put down the “#1 Teacher” ornament. Step away from the baked goods (store bought OR homemade).  Show your child’s teacher that you truly appreciate them with a thoughtful gift!

Here’s a list of eight great gift ideas for that special teacher!

A Holiday Centerpiece

ProFlowers bouquet
Photos source: ProFlowers

A beautifully created floral centerpiece would look lovely on their dining room table throughout the holiday break.  Any local florist should be able to create one.  If you prefer to shop online, check out 1800Flowers, Proflowers, or FTD.

A Tote Bag

monogrammed tote bag

Teachers are hauling a lot of stuff in and out of school each day.  Why not gift them a beautiful tote bag to carry it all in?  Personal preference will dictate your purchase here, as there’s many to choose from.  You can’t go wrong with Land’s End, Vera Bradley, or Thirty-One.  The key to a great tote- lots of pockets and a zippered top. Looking to splurge a little? The Longchamp bag is always a winner.

Mani/ Pedi with a seasonal nail polish

nail polish

I don’t know a female teacher (or even a male, nobody’s judging!) who wouldn’t appreciate a certificate for a mani/pedi- especially before a holiday break. Pair that with a thoughtfully wrapped nail polish and you’ve got yourself a winner. This blog has a great tutorial and printable!

A Snack Subscription

subscription snack box

Teachers need their energy, so consider purchasing them a subscription to a snack service.  There are several to choose from- Naturebox, Graze, Mouth, Nibblr and Love With Food are a few major options.


contigo water bottle

Your child will be able to tell you if their teacher is a coffee drinker- is that travel mug glued to her (or his) hand all day long? If so, a basket of K- Cups and a nice, new travel mug will be a great gift. My two favorite mugs: the Tervis and the Contigo.

Infinity Scarf

striped neck scarf

School buildings are notoriously unpredictable when it comes to temperature.  Having a great scarf handy in the classroom is a great way to bundle up when the temperature starts to drop! Here are some options from Cotton Cantina.

Monogrammed necklace

monogram necklace
Photo source: Shame on Jane

Why not give your child’s teacher a beautiful monogrammed necklace? It’s a classic and timeless piece that they are sure to love. Check Etsy and Shame on Jane for some great options.

Gift cards

pile of gift cards

Though it may seem like a cop out, gift cards in general are typically a great gift for a teacher.  You’ve got a lot of options, especially if you know something about the teacher. A restaurant, wine and spirits, clothing store, coffee shop, or even a grocery store, are safe bets.  You can never go wrong with a Target gift card, either.  Just please don’t buy a gift card to a teacher store- your intentions may be good, but let the teacher enjoy their non-teacher life!

 What are you gift ideas for teachers? Leave us a comment and let us know! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.