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  1. LOL!!!!! I couldn’t agree more! We came across one that had an American Girl Doll in it and my husband lost a lot of money trying to win it for me and I’m pretty sure my son picked up some cold germs from the handle as he grabbed one on the way out of the grocery store yesterday:(

  2. There is a trick to those things. First trick: NEVER go for
    a toy unless they are all loose and will be easy to pick up. The
    claw isn’t very strong, and if a toy is too packed in by the other
    toys, it will never come out. Sure, it limits your selection, but
    better than nothing if you must play!

  3. Aww I would be happy to loan you the use of my dad. He is the king of the claw machine. He is the only person I have ever known that could win the contents of the machine and not break the bank in the process.

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