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  1. Any tips on how to get CRAYON out of the car seat. We went out to eat and them cheap crayons made it to the car seat with out mom knowing!!! In Fl melted all over such a mess….

  2. Thanks for the mention, Christina! CleanBeeBaby is happy to help out any Los Angeles area moms who are looking for professional help cleaning their car seat or stroller – we’re mobile so serve a very broad geographic area to be convenient to everyone! We are also all certified safety technicians and will happily help moms safely reinstall their car seat after we clean it – worry free and hassle free!

  3. This is kinda funny, but after I’m done at the carwash I pop open the stroller and use their vacuum to give it a good once-over, even if it isn’t that dirty. It helps keep the crud to a minimum. You might get some strange looks, but hey – it works!

  4. I am the same- I wipe gear down prior to it getting into the car- the last thing I want to find is crusty peanut butter or the like from previous outings! I also keep a package of baby wipes and Wet Ones (the giant ones) in the packet of my car passenger door so when my little mess makers get out of the car, I remove all garbage and sippies and I wipe down all the crumbs and crusties so it’s be fresh and clean next time we get in (the floor is another story, however!). Seems time consuming, but really has just become part of our routine. I wish they never had to have snacks/drinks in the car at all, but like Hollie says- it is convenient- you just have to stay on top of the messes! WAY on top of them!

  5. I’m on baby #1 so i didn’t realize the mess she will eventually leave on the seat… though i still wonder where the mystery crumbs come from, she’s never eaten in her infant carrier…

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