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Creative Birth Announcements | Baby Is Here!

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Nothing warms my heart more than receiving a birth announcement in the mail. It’s better than Christmas cards and party invitations by far — it represents a new life! That is definitely worth celebrating! I have a special little box I tuck announcements away in and I’ve framed each of my children’s announcements. It’s so fun to look back at those squishy baby faces and see how everyone has grown up!

Do you have a wee one on the way? If so, these are some of my favorite announcements that are ready to order:

birth announcement for boy

I love how the photo background and the color of this modern announcement complement one another. It’s a good reminder to have some announcements in mind when you execute your photo shoot.

photo strip birth announcement

A photo strip announcement? Too cool!

birth announcement featuring baby name

An announcement featuring baby’s name is an awesome look.

chic birth baby announcement

If the coordinating envelopes don’t sell you on these, the chic typography on these announcements will!

sweet baby announcement

Hello World! What a sweet sentiment for a baby announcement!

baby with green hat birth announcement

Another sweet greeting … I’m Here! And again with the envelope – it just pulls it all together!

baby in purple hammock announcement

If these aren’t the prettiest announcements, I don’t know what is? Perfect for a spring/summer baby girl!

multiple photo birth announcement

This announcement gives you the opportunity to feature multiple photos, because really, how can you decide on just one!

cute baby crawling announcement

Scalloped edges are a sweet addition to this simple, but striking black a white photo announcement.

baby sleeping birth announcement

I adore the unique shape of this pretty announcement!

twins birth announcement

What a gorgeous announcement for twins! I especially love that the sibling was included in the photo – whether a singleton or twin announcement, siblings always make a sweet addition.

infographic birth announcement

Isn’t the infographic announcement so fun and fresh?

What’s your top pick? I think the “I’m Here” one is mine. I’m going to tag it as a favorite for baby #3 … you know, for when/if he/she joins our family!

creative birth announcements

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.