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  1. Hi Hollie!

    Hoping you can help me with a stroller debate. We are Annual Disney Passholders. We have a 5 year old that we have taken to Disney many times and used our bugaboo. Now that we have an almost two year old as well, we are over the bulk of the stroller while at Disney. Trying to decide on the City Mini Zip (or lite) or the Uppa Baby GLuxe. My gut says I want the UB. We would mainly use the stroller at Disney and for travel. Thanks for your input!

  2. So, given your experience, would you recommend the Valco Baby Zee Two stroller as one of the best strollers to take to Disney?

  3. Apple Stroller .com This was the worst Customer service I’ve ever seen !!! I booked a double stroller in advance to take my 2 grand daughters to Disneyland .. After walking a great distance to pick up the stroller It was a single stroller ,So when I called I was told It was not possible I must hAVE RESERVED A SINGLE ..why would I reserve a single when I’m taking 2 granddaughters to Disneyland …. So then the snotty Man that answered the phone said well it will take 10-20 days to refund your card …… DONT COUNT ON THIS COMPANY !!!! FLAKES ,UNCARING ,NOT VERY HELPFUL !!!

  4. DisneyWorld may be different, but we were just at Disneyland and we were required to fold up our Baby Jogger City Select, with 2 seats in it, to get on the monorail. This lead to last minute panic and a bunch of our stuff (my wallet and cell included) fell out, down to the ground under the tracks! They were very helpful in retrieving everything, but after that we switched to our Chicco umbrella and our Ergo until nap time, then we went back to the room for lunch and switched to the big nap-friendly Baby Jogger.

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