Creative DIY Costumes

Creative DIY Costumes

Creative DIY CostumesSometimes we just want to pass on spending money on a costume that will get worn once, maybe twice. There are creative ways to dress up your child for Halloween, plays, events or even just as a fun activity on a rainy day.

Here are some we have made or seen that are worth passing along…


LEGO Maniac– Cut two pieces of cardboard, tie the top pieces together with ribbon (creating an easel so that your child’s head can go between the two pieces with the ribbon resting on your child’s shoulders). Glue LEGO pieces to each side to create the ultimate LEGO Maniac. Don’t forget to do 3D building! (Warning: Use DUPLO blocks for children under 6)

Bag of Jelly Beans(Warning: for older children only) Place a clear plastic trash bag over your child’s body after cutting small arm and leg holes. Fill the bag with different colored balloons, and then tie the top with ribbon around your child’s upper body.

Football Player– Grab a jersey from your child’s closet, use eyeliner under your child’s eyes and hand them a football.

Robot– Cut, adjust and create boxes big enough for your child’s body– one for the head (with a circle cut out for your child’s face) and one for the body (with a neck hole and two arm holes). Cover the boxes with tin foil and glue on buttons, pipe cleaner and anything else to decorate the Robot body.

Spider– Dress your child all in black, purchase 4 sets of long black gloves, stuff 6 of the gloves with tissue paper and sew them to your child’s black shirt.

Rapunzel– If you have a little girl, you probably already have a pink “princess” dress in her closet. Purchase (a lot of) yellow yarn from a craft store and make a long braid (tip: make sure it goes to your child’s ankles to prevent tripping!) Glue or tie the braid on a headband or under a “princess” hat.

Super Hero– Create a cape by cutting up a sheet or pillowcase, put your child in tight clothing and stuff the arm “muscles” with tissue paper.

Mommy’s Little Mini Me– Paint your daughter’s nail, put her in a robe and slippers, save up the toilet paper rolls (then use them as over exagerrated curlers in her hair), and have her carry around a coffee cup (preferably non-breakable).


What are your favorite DIY costumes?


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Christina lives in San Diego with her husband, 3 boys and her favorite coffee cup. Christina is a trained Montessori teacher with early childhood education and also has experience in the children’s fashion world as a business owner. While in the children's industry, Christina realized how important it was to research, be ‘in the know’ and one step ahead of the game with the latest and greatest baby gear, toys, clothing and accessories which naturally continued once she became a mom in 2002. Since the birth of her first son, Christina has become a reliable and trustworthy resource to friends, family and other parents on various parenting topics.


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