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Creative Thanksgiving Table Place Card Ideas

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A fun and easy way to instantly add festive decor to your Thanksgiving table is to create Thanksgiving table place cards! This is also a great way to let your guests know where they’re sitting, and add some fun to the table. Guests can then take these place cards home as a little thank you, or you could box them up and save them for use year after year!

Creative Thanksgiving Table Place Card Ideas
paper turkeys - thanksgiving place cards
Photo Source: Paper Crafts Connection

Paper Turkeys. These turkey place cards from Paper Crafts Connection are adorable. Longer names will need extra feathers but the more feathers, the better! You can even get your little ones to help you with some of the gluing.

paper turkeys
Photo Source: Martha Stewart

Turkey Fans.  I love easy ideas like this from Martha Stewart. You can get your little ones to help you with the folding of the fans!

thanksgiving centerpieces

Cornucopia Place Cards. Not only do these clever cornucopias from Caramel Potatoes look great, but they’re also full of delicious candies that your guests will love to nibble on!

mayflowers place setting
Photo Source: The Crafting Chicks

Mini Mayflowers. How adorable are these tiny ships from The Crafting Chicks!? Fill them with nuts or candy or a mix of both for extra festive and yummy Thanksgiving decor.

Photo Source: Vicki Odell

Pumpkins. Pumpkin prices go down after Halloween, so go grab some super cheap mini ones to make this adorable craft from Vicki Odell. You could even turn this cute place card idea into a craft time for the kids in attendance by letting them decorate the pumpkins after your Thanksgiving meal!

pilgrim hats
Photo Source: Jelly Bean Junkyard

Pilgrim Hats. Craft these cute pilgrim hats from Jelly Bean Junkyard for a sure crowd pleasure! These could easily be packed up after Thanksgiving and used year after year!

candy corn
Photo Source: Metel Moments

Candy Corn Jars. Who doesn’t want to sit down to their Thanksgiving meal with a jar full of candy corn in front of them? Collect some cute jars from Michael’s or Target, wrap a ribbon around them, and fill them with candy corn! Then use the free printables from Metel Moments to put a name card on top of each one!

pinecone fall decor
Photo Source: Nick Jr

Pinecone Turkeys. These sweet pinecone turkeys from Nick Jr. are easy, inexpensive, and great for little ones!

Thanksgiving place cards cookies
Photo Source: Amy’s Cookie Adventures

Cookie Turkeys. This one has to be my favorite. Who doesn’t want a Thanksgiving place card that’s edible?! These might not last through the whole Thanksgiving meal because not only are they cute, but they taste amazing, too!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.