Decorate That House For … Valentine’s Day

Decorate That House For … Valentine’s Day

There is something so redeeming about Valentine’s Day. A day set aside to show love and appreciation to the special people in our lives is such a great reminder to stop, pause and reflect. I’m all for it and adore celebrating Valentine’s Day for the entire month of February. You see, once Christmas decor wraps up, I transition to my snow-themed decorations in January. Then, I let the snow melt (figuratively) and bust out the red, pink and white to celebrate LOVE!

My Valentine’s Day decor usually revolves a table centerpiece, window art and a mantle-scape. This year, I can’t wait to involve my two year old in some of our decoration creations. The above collage is my inspiration for this year — it’s the perfect mix between rustic chic while still being family friendly.


If this isn’t sweet and simple, I don’t know what is! Plus, do you know how cheap those paper lace doilies are? This is an economical project if I’ve ever seen one. And hello, another use for white Christmas lights!


Our home will shout love from the front windows with these crafty hearts. These are a perfect DIY for the littles to take part in because there is no right way to twist and turn the yarn.


Yep, pretty much in love with this. I’d even consider leaving it up all year! I’ve tasked my hubby with building the plank base so hopefully this lovely piece will make its’ debut on my mantle soon.


Five years ago I would have scoffed at this art project, but now my heart has been softened by motherhood (dramatic, I know) and I could practically shed tears watching my sweet girl’s joyful expression while painting. I love that this project can translate to multiple holidays too – imagine it in card format for grandparents too — find those paint shirts and plan a messy afternoon of fun!


I have a tree very similar to this and over Thanksgiving I decorated my center piece tree with mini leaves and our family’s “thankful thoughts”. Those leaves are packed away now and I’m excited add hearts with our notes about all the things we love.

 How does your family decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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