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Decorating My Twins’ Nursery on A Budget

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We moved into a new rental home two months before I was scheduled to give birth to our twins. With very little time, very little energy, and very little expendable income, the prospect of decorating my twins’ nursery on a budget gave me hives.

Decorating Your Twin Nursery on a Budget

I was eight months pregnant. With twins. In the summer. And, I had an almost 2 year old underfoot. How on God’s green earth was I going to decorate the Pinterest-perfect nursery of my dreams?

Well. I didn’t.

You know what? We had a place for them to sleep for the first 3-6 months (the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper). So I patted myself on the back and said, “Nursery COMPLETE!”

When they began consistently sleeping through the night, we decided to move them into their own room. Now I had to finish the nursery. I still had very little time, very little energy, and even less expendable income.

I did some research and carefully curated a few fast, easy, and affordable tips that would transform my nursery from blah to BAM!

1) Double Duty Furniture

Instead of having a separate changing table and dresser, we decided to make our dresser double as a changing table. Seriously. Just slap a changing pad on top of a dresser and you’re good to go!

Decorating Nursery

2) Heirloom Décor

This is my fancy way of saying, “Steal stuff from your mom’s house that might be cute if you squint at it and meaningful if you make up a story about it.” My mom had a cute (giant) baby picture of me that I commandeered for my girls’ room. My husband’s grandpa is an identical twin, so we scanned some of their twin baby pictures to slap in a frame I already had. Nothing gets cheaper then raiding mom’s garage and grandma’s photo album.

Twin Nursery on a Budget

3) Craft Closet Dumpster Diving

Hi. My name is Marie, and I’m a craft-shop-aholic. I don’t actually complete crafts. I just hoard craft supplies that might amount to something if I had the time or talent to complete them. Having very little money and only occasional naptimes at my disposal made me get creative. I found some old embroidery hoops and bought a couple yards of fabric to make a Quick Scrap Fabric Mobile. I dug out the IKEA UNG DRILL frames gathering dust in my garage and finally got crafty with them! I found some Heat n’ Bond Iron-On Adhesive in my “sewing” drawer and made a No Sew Crib Skirt. I used the same Heat n’ Bond to make some Easy Envelope Pillow Covers. I spent about $70 total on fabric and ended up with two large pieces of wall art, 2 crib skirts, a mobile, and some pillow cases! Not too shabby!

Decorating My Twins Nursery on a Budget

4) More MacGyver, Less Martha Stewart

Our curtains were too thin, and I needed to darken the room. Instead of spending a bunch of money on fancy room darkening liners for my inexpensive IKEA curtains, I asked “What Would MacGyver Do?” I tacked up two old curtain panels that worked in our first apartment but haven’t been used since. Room darkened. Babies sleeping. Done and done.

nursery with decals on wall

5) FREE is My Favorite Word

I found a FREE chair on Craigslist. FREE, people. It’s not the perfect charcoal grey glider of my dreams, but guess what? It’s comfy. It’s neutral. It works. We cuddle before bedtime, and my kids still sleep through the night, even though their nursery chair is tan instead of charcoal (OH! THE HORROR!). So check Craigslist out daily, incase something pops up that you love!

6) Baby Shower Recycling

This is the best thing ever. I had already decided my colors before the baby shower, so when I saw the adorable bunting my crafty friend made for my shower, I thought “Marie! You evil genius!” If you are thinking about getting pregnant, I suggest you start hanging out at Joann’s Fabrics or Hobby Lobby. Find some nice, super crafty woman to make friends with, so after you get pregnant, you can have her throw you a shower and take all the decorations for your nursery!

Twins Nursery

Twin purchases worth the price tag? Two cribs.
Some twins sleep better together, some don’t. Ours loved sleeping together, but once they outgrew their swaddles, it quickly became apparent (at 2 a.m.) that they did NOT want to be in the same crib. Having the second crib ready and waiting was worth every penny.

Any other no or low cost nursery decorating tips? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.