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10 Great Boho Chic Online Shops For Women

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Sometimes going out to shop is not always the easiest when you have little ones and a busy schedule, but there always seems to be time for online shopping. Sitting back with a cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate, picking out some great pieces? Yes please! Here to feed your shopping habit are 10 great boho chic online shops for women: women’s clothing, jewelry, and everything you need to look and feel stylish.

boho chic dress

1.Prism Boutique. Prism is one of the best boutiques around and describes itself as modern and comfortably chic. They are located in Long Beach, CA but because they ship and offer one of the best selections around, they have become an online favorite for customers world wide.

ascot hart skirt and blazer

2.Ascot Hart. These ladies run such a cool website, it’s like Christmas morning every time they add new items to their shop! Kimonos, tees, and trucker hats that you’re sure to love, everything is hand picked and added to the shop by them.

grey top and patterned leggings

3.The Oxford Trunk. The Oxford Trunk is an amazing online shop run by three gorgeous girls who know everything there is to know about fashion. Together they buy the best of the best and sell it all together online in their shop. They take the work out of hunting for you so all you have to do is shop! They have an amazing selection of clothing and jewels and the best part is that everything is $50 or under! (They have section on the site called The Collective that is above $50).

close up of hand charm from gage huntley

4.Gage Huntley. Gage Huntley is the baby of Amanda who creates every single item in shop by hand! There is a huge variety of jewels here as well as tons of custom pieces, should you want something one of a kind and personalized.

green skirt from leanne barlow

5. Leanne Barlow. Looking for the perfect skirt? Look no further than Leanne Barlow. She makes skirts that are flattering for any body type, modest, and reasonably priced.

black leggings and white shirt from cleobella

6. Cleobella. Cleobella is a very favorite of mine. This shop is for the wildflower, traveler, hippie at heart. They have a wide selection of handbags as well as beautiful clothing items all made in Bali and designed in California. There are even some home decor items!

st eve jewelry close up

7. St Eve Jewelry. St Eve Jewelry provides boho jewelry that will never go out of style. Mixed metals, coin necklaces, an eclectic array of everything you need to fill up your jewelry boxes. Lisa, the brains behind the operation hand picks everything and makes a good portion of the items too.

top knot goods hat on blonde model

8.Top Knot Goods. Natalie created Top Knot Goods and constantly adds new gems to it like cool purses, creative tees, and jewels. Her “No Rest For The Rad” tee has become a huge hit and is one my very favorites!

white coveralls on brunette model

9. Laurenly Boutique. Laurenly is a boutique in Orange, CA that has a big social media presence, always showing how you can style the pieces in their shop, which is so helpful to those who need a little extra styling help.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.