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Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion Ice Castle Doll House

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Umm…your daughter just called me. She WANTS THIS Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion FOR CHRISTMAS! Seriously. You might want to grab it at Costco before it sells out and you are searching Ebay and considering paying 3x the retail price in November when you ignored me in September to buy it.

On our trip to Costco this week, we happened upon this Disney Frozen gem and immediately knew we had to show it to you. We couldn’t just take a photo in Costco and call it a day…we had to get it. We had to take it home. We had to take the hour and a half to assemble it. We had to get to the nitty-gritty to find out about this castle so that you would know whether it needs to make your holiday shopping list or not.

We’ve come to the conclusion that it does. Yep, the calls from daughters around the country begging for us to tell their parents about this doll house solidified our decision. 🙂

Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion

This new doll house by Kidkraft is a Disney Frozen fan’s dream come true. As opposed to most of the popular, large doll houses on the market which are made almost entirely out of plastic, this Snowflake Mansion is made of pressed wood, comes with 20 pieces of furniture and just has a few plastic accent pieces. If you are already familiar with other Kidkraft playsets, it is the same type of sturdy wood material and you screw it all together with actual screws and a screwdriver.

Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion

After we took the time to put it together (and yes, it does take time!), we found that this doll house is sturdier than most its size. While it doesn’t come with dolls, it features 9 rooms, two bonus play rooms and three light-up accessories.

If you are looking for one of the hot holiday toys for your Disney fan, THIS IS IT!! Sure, you have to have room for this house, that is over 3 feet tall but to hear the squeals of little girls across the country come Christmas morning, it might just be worth it!

Right now, the Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion can be found in Costco and retails for $169. Just a warning: you might want to hurry with this one because it is “sold out” on Costco’s website already and we have seen it on Amazon for at least $50 more!

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