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  1. Saw it online one day last week during my lunch break, went home that evening to but it and it was already sold out! Gone in all the local Costco warehouses too. Boo! I hope Costco re-stocks this. .

  2. This is a fabulous review of the Disney Snowflake Mansion. Our team is so excited hear so many Disney Frozen fans are enjoying this beautiful dollhouse!

      1. Sad they didn’t make it a black friday deal and think they should have made a limit one per member. I’m just so sick over it they sold out so fast they should have known so many people would want it.

  3. I bought this for my 3yr old for when she’s a bit older, but is it possible for you to show what it looks like on the opposite side? Do the big doors on the bottom open, because it looks like the opposing side is the mountain or castle and I’m VERY curious 🙂

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