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  1. I am ambivalant about watching this movie myself, and would NEVER consider my five year old would or should watch this. Reading the other comments, I’m floored and disappointed to read other parents have zero qualms exposing their children to this voilence and intensity. This is definitely a window into today’s society, and how desensitized our children are becoming – assisted by parents. This may sound extreme – but only to those who are already desensitized!

  2. Although I haven’t seen this movie but a sincere
    Advice to all parents that plz be very careful on
    What ur kids are watching today and the kind of
    Effects it can have on their innocent minds, let
    Them grow up on their own time, lets all of us
    Give them a violent free childhood. Thanx.

  3. We took 12 kids ages from 3-12 and they all did fine . We prepared them but there was no blood and the violence was not graphic or brutal Would recommend both adults and kids enjoyed,

  4. The answer to those questions is “suspend disbelief” Most movies make no sense when you think about it but a GOOD movie makes you forget to focus on those inconsistencies while you are watching it. I also don’t think the movie was scary for most 4 and up kids. Maybe a little discussion of the curse scene and dragon scene ahead of time will alleviate the scariness factor for most kids. We had a just turned 5 and just turned 7 year old with us and neither of them were scared at all.

  5. Just given the demonic nature of the poster, its absolutely not something we would show our children young or old. There is real evil in this world and its not a service to our children to make it appealing or glamorous.

  6. This is pretty tame for what my kids have no problem watching (pirates of the Caribbean, lord of the rings, Star Wars) I don’t think it was different than Narnia as far as scare factor goes. My kids are ages 3-15

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