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Do You E-Read?

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I’ve always been a reader. Not a fast one, but definitely a reader who thoroughly enjoys a good story and always has a new book on the radar. When I was young I would alphabetize my book collection like the library and, with pretend library cards, check out my book friends to my sisters 🙂 I always knew I’d have a house full of books, adventures I loved, and tales I wanted to share with my children.

When e-readers hit the market, I scoffed at the idea. Digital books? So dumb! What true book lover would ever consider something like that?

Then my sister, who is maybe even more of a book lover than I am, took the plunge into the world of e-readers. She did quite a bit of research and landed on the NOOK GlowLight. Two summers ago she loaned it to me to read a book and I begrudgingly fell in love. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love the feel of turning the pages of a real book. Even more, I love the look of a full bookshelf and all the memories it conjures, but the simplicity, mobility and ease of the NOOK is pretty amazing.

My favorite features include …

  • Super long battery life
  • Lightweight and therefore, very portable
  • Reading with one hand – super awesome when you’re nursing or rocking a sleeping baby
  • Perfect for travel – always have a book at your fingertips!
  • E-book sales, most of the books I’ve downloaded have been less than $5
  • Text highlighting capabilities
  • Wi-fi, but no internet – now, I know many tablets can act as e-readers, but what I love about the baseline NOOKS is that they have wi-fi for book downloads, but no internet so I don’t ever feel tempted to scroll Facebook or do other “reading” when I’m truly wanting to just read my latest novel
  • GlowLight

Now, the GlowLight is what really sold me. The NOOK GlowLight illuminates the “page” so you can read in the dark. It’s not an annoying glow though that tires your eyes or wakes up your sleeping husband. Rather, it’s a really gentle light. I keep my NOOK on my nightstand and read a few chapters every night before settling in for bed. With a regular book, I wouldn’t be able to do this as a light would wake everyone up.

I haven’t fully given up on paperbacks, I read my “real” books in the bubble bath and am not adverse to picking up a beautiful book to read and then display on our bookshelf. But, the NOOK sold me on e-readers, I absolutely appreciate their features and have enjoyed mixing e-books into my reading repertoire. Because of my e-reader, I read more, and that’s always a good thing.

Do you have an e-reader? Which one? And what do you love about it? What made you delve into the world of e-readers? Do you ever feel like a book traitor?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.