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Easy Dinner Recipes Your Kids Can Help You With

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Cooking is a passion of mine that I hope to be able to pass onto my children, but it won’t happen on its own. It will take me asking my kids to get involved with cooking our meals and helping out to see if they can discover a love for cooking like I did. So today I’ve gathered together some easy dinner recipes that your kids can help you with- think of your child as your personal sous chef! Some meals are just too complex for little hands, but these recipes are great for beginners and kids just starting out. Take a look, choose a few, and spend some fun, quality time with your kids in the kitchen making them!

mac and cheese
Photo Source: PBS

Mac And Cheese. What better meal to get your kids in the kitchen to help you with than this easy Mac and cheese recipe from PBS.   It also shows you some options for adding delicious and healthy veggies to it!

sloppy joes
Photo Source: Taste Of Home

Sloppy Joes. Who doesn’t love sloppy joes? The sloppier, the better, and the more delicious too! This recipe from Taste Of Home is very easy- grab some hamburger buns, make the easy meat filling, and voila, you’re done!

hamburger pie
Photo Source: Cullys Kitchen

Hamburger Pie. Also known as shepherds pie, this recipe for hamburger pie from Cullys Kitchen is a dish your kids will love! It’s got potatoes, meat, and healthy veggies with a delicious cheesy layer on top.

corn dogs
Photo Source: The Weekday Vegetarian

Corn Dogs. These fun corn dogs from The Weekday Vegetarian are mini, on skewers, and vegetarian friendly! If you want the real deal, just switch out the veggie-dogs for hot dogs.

Photo Source: Amusing Foodie

Spaghetti. Messy and delicious, this recipe from Amusing Foodie is easy peasy! Your kids can help you cook the noodles and whip up the easy tomato sauce. Add some vegetables to it and pair it with some delicious warm garlic bread.

Photo Source: New Leaf Wellness

Enchiladas. Enchiladas are so flavorful and this recipe from New Leaf Wellness could easily be made vegetarian by leaving the chicken out.

cobb salad
Photo Source: Weelicious

Cobb Salad. Salads are always a healthy choice, especially Cobb salads that are fully loaded with delicious and nutritious vegetables and eggs! This Cobb salad from Weelicious is pure genius. Your kids will have a blast layering the ingredients in the jar and they’re great for dinner or for lunches on the go.

grilled cheese
Photo Source: Lemony Thyme

Grilled Cheese. Let’s face it, kids love cheese. This fancy grilled cheese from Lemony Thyme adds spinach and avocado for some extra flavors. Let your kids pick the extra ingredients and fry them up!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.