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Essential Oil Ouch Spray

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Have you started dabbling in essential oils yet?

It seems that mamas across the board of mothering philosophies are starting to try out this natural remedy for home cleaning, wellness and even cooking! But how exactly do you implement essential oils into your daily life?

essential oils

For me, the two hardest things about essential oils is determining how they fit into my day-to-day and making them easy to access when they’re needed. I’ve found that making blends in easy-to-use spritz or roller bottles is a surefire way of grabbing my oils when the circumstance warrants a need.

There is no doubt that my homemade Ouch Spray is my most used essential oil. For cuts and scrapes – which are prevalent with a busy mom, preschooler and toddler roaming around – I seem to use it almost daily!

Essential Oil Ouch Spray

In a one ounce glass spritz bottle drop in …

  • 18 drops lavender – to soothe
  • 1o drops melaleuca – to disinfect
  • 3 drops frankincense – to help heal

Top with fractioned coconut oil, screw on spritz top and roll gently in your hands to incorporate. Before each application, roll once or twice again.

A few notes … It’s really important to use a GLASS bottle. Pure essential oils are strong enough to eat or melt through plastic. Always use caution when applying essential oils to your kids. Run this remedy by your pediatrician and do a test spot before using on any wound to see how their skin reacts. Essential oils should be treated like medication – keep them out of reach of children and store them in a dark place.

The oils used in the Ouch Spray are great starter oils and have many other uses making them a smart investment for sure!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.