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Gifts for Dads Who Are Hard to Shop For

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Dads are at least 100 times harder to shop for than moms. With mom, you can pick up a sweet card and a bouquet of flowers on your way home from the grocery store; but with dad you have to spend hours at the mall only to come home empty handed. Let’s allow ties and toolboxes to retire in the land of cliché gifts for dads and try out these more personalized presents instead.

Geeky Dads

What do you get for the man who owns more than one hundred perfect-condition comic books from the original Batman series? Although you could probably empty out your life savings purchasing a collector’s edition that would make his jaw drop, it might be best to stick with something a little more practical.

  • Novelty Man-cessory: Sites like are gold mines for geeky dads. Surprise him with a Batman money clip ($40), Doctor Who spinning watch ($40), bacon wallet ($12), or circuit board cuff links ($30).
  • New Smartphone: The latest gadgets are always safe gift choices for geeky dads.

Hipster Dad

Some green-living, veggie-eating dads are unmistakably classified as “hipster.” But what do you get for the guy who shops at thrift stores and hangs out at quirky independent coffee shops?

  • A New Bike: Your dad might love his his rusty old bike, but he probably needs something a little more practical to maintain a reliable source of transportation. You can find affordable used bikes or get your siblings together and contribute to something extra special. A Schwinn Cutter singlespeed runs about $380. If dad earned a little extra credit in the past year, a Shinola Runwell is a high-zoot machine he’ll love. But it isn’t cheap at about $2,900.
  • Home Brewed Beer: Look for a local brewing supplier and invest in a beer making kit ($50) and make a batch together. Visit a local beer garden while you wait for your brew to age and size up the competition.
Shinola bike

Dapper Dad

Is your dad model material? The kind of guy who should be featured on Father’s Day ads? With a dad so ridiculously good looking, it’s hard to find the perfect present. But you can keep him looking sharp with these great gifts for dapper dads.

  • Ray Ban Sunglasses: Nothing adds a cool hint of mystery to his look like a pair of super sharp Ray Ban sunglasses, which deliver optimum quality and dependable style. Ray Bans might be on the higher end of your budget (retail price of $150), but these shades are guaranteed to last for years.
  • Shaving Kit: A close shave is a must for dapper dads. But since he probably can’t make it to the barber’s every morning, investing in a high end shaving kit could bring the barber to him. Shaving kits at The Art of Shaving start at just $25.
the art of shaving products

Let’s face it: ALL dads are hard to shop for. But you know what else is hard? Raising children. As difficult as it might be, your dad deserves a little more thought and effort into picking out the perfect gift. After all, he was the one who raised you to be the creative, resourceful, and loving person you are today. So skip the tie and golf clubs, and get something that your unique dad will love.

Gift ideas for dads

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