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Favorite Kitchen Gadgets For Little Cooks

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Cooking with kids can go one of two ways – super awesome or super tragic.

Honestly, I’ve had more tragic moments than awesome ones. It usually leaves me shoo-ing my kids from the kitchen most days. I mean, a mama needs her space and if the kitchen is my place to find it, well, so be it! But sometimes, on those perfect days when the stars aline, my kids and I learn new things, make fun messes, and fill our kitchen with laughter… together. And those are the days I want to remember. The fun days where we watch cookies baking in the oven, taste test new ingredients, and browse Pinterest for dinner ideas.

When my littles join me in the kitchen it is helpful to have tools ready just for them. Safe, mini things that are perfect for little hands. Here’s a peek at some of our favorites!

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets For Little Cooks

Small Serrated Knife — These are perfect for little ones who want to help prep veggies for their meal.

Salad Spinner – This spinners handle is the best for mini hands!

Baking Spatulas – Ideal for stirring, and obviously, the more colorful, the better!

Measuring Cups – These ones with handles and pour spouts work great.

Apron – A must! And you can use them for the kitchen and other messy projects at home.

Learning Tower – Possibly the best creation for little helpers in the kitchen.

Serving Dishes – We love and adore these for dishing up the meals we make!

Rolling Pin – A new rendition on an old favorite.

Kitchen Towels – Extra absorbent for likely mishaps.

What gadgets do your kiddos like to use most when they join you in the kitchen?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.