First Tooth Pull with Nerf Bow and Arrow

First Tooth Pull with Nerf Bow and Arrow

Ohhh…my baby lost his first tooth. Sure, he’s 7 1/2 which is SUPER late in the world of lost teeth, but my kids lose their teeth late. My older two kids both didn’t lose their first tooth until after their 8th birthday so you can see why I thought we had time. We are 6 months early with this one so I wasn’t ready.

There were just so many emotions about this lost tooth. First of all, he is my BABY! Babies can’t lose teeth because you know what that means? It means they are growing up and I refuse to admit that is happening. Second, do you know what happens when the baby teeth fall out. Big, awkward, summer teeth take their place. What are “summer teeth”, you ask? Well, that is when “some are here…and some are there…” Yes, the big adult teeth start coming in and messing up that perfectly, adorable, baby smile.

I told myself (and him!) that I couldn’t let him lose any teeth. Jokingly, I told him that he couldn’t wiggle any teeth even if they got loose because he was not allowed to lose teeth. Well, he may have taken that seriously because this first tooth was so loose that the big tooth was growing in right behind it. But he didn’t want to pull it out. He didn’t want me to touch it. It just wanted this crazy snaggletooth to just sit there in his mouth all twisted and gross.

While I didn’t want him to lose his first tooth, after a week or so, it was getting ridiculous and was looking worse than a missing tooth with a big, crazy tooth growing in its place. Problem is that I HATE the sound and process of pulling out a tooth. Yuck! And since he didn’t want to do it, we had to get creative. Plus, I thought if we did it in a fun way, I wouldn’t cry that my baby was growing up and he wouldn’t cry that someone was trying to yank his tooth out of his head.

Enter the Nerf Bow & Arrow.

Yep, why wouldn’t I let a 7 year old shoot out his own tooth with a bow & arrow? LOL!

We tied one side of a long piece of floss to his tooth (which wasn’t easy!) and the other side to an arrow from his sister’s Nerf Rebelle set. While his brother and sister would have gladly been the ones to shoot the arrow, it only seemed appropriate to let him do it himself. That way he could do it when HE was ready.

It took a couple tries but watch our brief Baby Gizmo video to see what happens…

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