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  1. My son has a Passover birthday and has Celiac disease. Like you, I look for recipes that are naturally gluten free instead of modified to be so. These will be an awesome birthday, or anytime, treat for him. Thank you.

  2. Made 3 batches for our Passover meal at church. First batch, Didn’t know how many this recipe made and overfilled my baking cups, so I made 12 according to picture, they overflowed and then sank in middle, 2nd batch I made I put less in and made 15 cupcakes, still sank in middle, 3rd batch made 17 but still sank in middle but not as bad as batch 2. Can you tell me what I did wrong. By the way, they are Delishous.

  3. I have been celebrating God’s Holy Days since I was 5 years old. So, I have been celebrating The Days of Unleavened Bread for 59 years. After I was baptized I celebrated God’s Passover by the feet washing and partaking of the Unleavened Bread and wine representing Christ body and blood. No where in the Bible does it speak of Unleavened butter or chocolate. It is about leaving that rises. The reason for the Days of Unleavened Bread is that it is supposed to represent getting the sin out of your life. Butter and chocolate are not a leavening. There for they can be used in any Unleavened recipe.

  4. I made this recipe exactly as it was and it was not sweet at all – is 1/2 a cup of sugar correct???

  5. I used the microwave to melt the butter and chocolate together. This recipe was easy. The cupcakes were delicious and no mess so perfect when you don’t want to make a whole flourless cake. Yield 12 perfect cupcakes. Thank you. ????

  6. Could you use oil instead of butter? If so, what kind of oil and how much? They look delicious! Thank you 🙂

  7. These are fabulous! Everyone in my family loved these cupcakes. It’s now become a Passover staple in our home! Thank you for the recipe!

    1. Passover is a Holiday, Seders are the first two meals of the Holiday and can be meat or dairy or vegetarian, as can meals during the rest of the week. Not everyone keeps Kosher and is concerned with mixing meat and dairy. If you are concerned, either use paerve ingredients or serve them after a non-meat meal.

    2. These are 100% kosher for Passover. All ingredients can be purchased for the holiday. Milk and butter is used for a dairy meal. If making a meat meal substitute margarine and non-dairy chocolate.

  8. Mine went really wrong and flopped and are crispy on top and very moist in the middle, what went wrong?

  9. hi michelle! this looks really good, and im going to try it out soon, but is it okay if i ask how many cupcakes this recipe can make? : )

  10. Thank you for my first baking attempt which was a complete success!! These are delicious! So far I have had two… okay fine, six!! :-O Over 48 hours. But I’m pregnant so it’s my cravings. Ahem.

  11. Good question! Put the eggs and sugar in a bowl. With a hand mixer or whisk, beat it all together until it is light and frothy. That’s it!

  12. Hi Michelle! I’ve never baked a dessert (seriously) how do you cream the eggs? Do you need any special utensils? Thanks!

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